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Excellent understated tattoo for such a monumental life achievement

Excellent understated tattoo for such a monumental life achievement


this is pretty much exactly what i want but slightly lower and a touch bigger :D

Katy Perry's Super Bowl Finger Tattoo

#ehfar Tattoo Wort, Everything Happens For A Reason

my fresh Grey's Anatomy tattoo - done by Luke at Addictive tattoo #greys #greysanatomy #mcdreamy #tattoo greys anatomy tattoo <3 it's a beautiful day to ...

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Bicep roman numeral tattoo


Advanced Tattooing Techniques: A Guide to Realism: Joshua Carlton: 9780983326700: Amazon.com: Books

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First to take the reins of DJ-Kicks in 2019 for the 67th mix, will be ever-evolving UK artist, Leon Vynehall.

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Sick Snowboarding Tattoo Ideas


Darian Joshua Garcia pka “Smoke Ono”

The beginning of a band are usually quite ordinary and when in 2006 Mr. Irish Bastard set out to shake the world all their band members could hardly all fit ...

Best of 2015: Best Poetry Books & Collections

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Clockwise left: LAKOTA “CREATION NARRATIVE” SHIRT by Thomas “Red Owl” Haukaas

This isn't really a dress I ever planned to wear often… in fact so far, I've only worn it to the faire last year and to take photos for this blog post!


Best Artists of all time 100 Rolling Stone

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It opens up new ways of thinking about images themselves and how we interact and read and rely on them to help us understand the world around us.

JD Twitch Presents Kreaturen Der Nacht

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We have waxed lyrically about the Celtic-Punk scene in Indonesia many times and to say it is absolutely amazing is a massive understatement.

The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England's Most Notorious Queen by Susan Bordo


Man with a full back tattoo. Michael and the Dragon. Adapted from Die Bibel

“The Best Books I Read in 2017”

In the Studio with Joshua Carlton Volume 1 Advanced Tattooing Techniques: A Guide to Tattoo


... "A New Tattoo" by Sara Lautman, Young Frances by Hartley Lin, Voices in the Dark by Ulli Lust, "Shetland Squadron" by Steven Weissman, "Daphne Duck" by ...

Romans Disarmed is one of the most curiously interesting, life-changing books I have read in a very long time.

still from TGWTDT

Allman Brothers, Janis Joplin Tattoo Artist Lyle Tuttle Dies

Machine Gun Kelly's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

Free Download | Coloring Pages from Polynesian Tattoos

Man with a full back tattoo. Michael and the Dragon. Adapted from Die Bibel

A photograph of Vito Marcantonio, 1945 approximate, and poster of the current play on Marcantonio, as portrayed by Roberto Ragone.


As Capcom performs the best fiscal year in the company's storied history, we look back at everything they've accomplished (and botched) throughout this ...

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My Recommendation for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Advanced Tattooing Techniques: A Guide to Realism: Joshua Carlton: 9780983326700: Amazon.com: Books

A tease, a reveal, and a launch day blowout are featured in this look at April's advertising with Daniel Bloodworth and Amanda Troop.

foghound awaken to destroy


It is at times difficult for Hawaiian novels to gain traction on the American mainland, but McKinney's story about troubled fatherhood in the down-and-out ...

“I ain't scared and I don't care what nobody thinks of me. I feel like I'm alright. I do my thing. I get my drink on, I get my puff on, ...

In mid-May 2018, four defendants started trial overseen by Judge Knowles. The state claimed it didn't need an expert witness for these trials, ...

Sidereus Nuncius Engraved plates in intaglio This series of engravings, Sidereus Nunicus, messenger of the stars, represents the moon cycle.

We wear the stories of our lives — sometimes through our clothes, sometimes even more deeply, through the innermost physical membrane that separates self ...


Advanced Tattooing Techniques: A Guide to Realism: Joshua Carlton: 9780983326700: Amazon.com: Books

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Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (Hachette) Wow. Just, wow. This novel is simply stunning. It felt like a revelation to read. Atkinson is such a gifted ...

As I explained, Romans Disarmed book fits well within the decades of work and witness and writing Brian and Sylvia have done.

Pocketnow Weekly 122: Sweeter Android, musical YouTube, Microsoft-ier Lumia from Pocketnow Weekly Podcast on RadioPublic

Had not been paying attention to these guys at all, but stumbled on last year's Beat the Devil's Tattoo during an iTunes browse and, lo, they are good.

Edge of the Knife (Gwaii Edenshaw & Helen Haig-Brown, Canada) — Discovery

In the Studio with Joshua Carlton Volume 2 Advanced Tattooing Techniques: A Guide to Tattoo

Henry Rollins official band website Opens a New Window. facebook Opens a New Window. instagram Opens a New Window. twitter Opens a New Window.


In this highly original study Troy Thomas examines Caravaggio's life and art in relation to his most profound achievement: the creation of modernity.

It is never shaken, always stirred, while facing west (as a salute to the great sea). And when pouring the finest rye, one must pour for a count of one one ...

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Emission Free

Bumper sticker with a message from Humane Borders,

... sense of the word: each step into this expansive unknown exposes me and requires me to admit to the truth of utter dependency.


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Unauthorized use of this program or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent ...

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

The book began as a companion to an exhibition Kalman curated to celebrate the anticipated reopening of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.

An Archeologist on a Musical Dig: George C. Wolfe on Shuffle Along


This has been on my TBR a long time. I tried reading it a while ago, wasn't interested, then decided this is the year I finally get to it.

“It's a collection of songs I had in my archives, and some songs that I felt didn't get recognition. So I put three or four songs on there that have been ...


The Best Hip-Hop Producer Alive, Every Year Since 1979

Daido Moriyama | Nippon Gekijo Shashincho (Japan - A Photo Theatre) | 1968 | Zucker Art Books

Candy Chang

Chris Francis (pka “Leftwing”)