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EGCS part 5 No shit there I was No shit There I was getting

EGCS part 5 No shit there I was No shit There I was getting


EGCS part 5: No shit there I was... - No shit!

EGCS part 5: No shit there I was... - No shit!

Extended Grand Canyon Scale part 4: Accumulation - Not only is the Futa a perfect

Expedition Rio Pasqua Unmasked part 14: Bad Advice (❌) and Good Advice (

Part 1 EGCS: Extended Grand Canyon System - Lately I've been thinking a

Andrew Cohen's megaphone ends up being a lot larger than it really should be. Poverty is the logical consequence of society's failure to understand the ...

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Part 2 EGCS: Throne is a 10 or is it? - Consider Throne room

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EGCS Part 3: Most of us live ever so happily somewhere between 1 and 10

Maggie gives us her need to know items from The Chronicle of the Three Trilogy. (Books 1 & 2 are available now at tabithacaplinger.com/mybooks)

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Becky Tunnicliffe

A minimum wage communicates to (potential) producers of unskilled labor that they should drop out of school and/or move to the US. This is the right message ...

That brings us to the subject of Neurosis itself. “We have the skeleton of the next record. Jason and Scott came down in February and we improvised some ...

2. Time To Pull The Sticks (Kjetil Nernes - vocals, EGCs, Milton von Krogh - guitar, Magnus Nymo - drums) 3. Celebration (Kjetil Nernes - vocals, EGCs, ...

When a food is classified as a 'superfood' it indicates that it is packed

Ben Stookesberry

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#weighinwednesday 🙄 Certainly not happy with that 192 that crept in on Monday but Sunday

Feb 3, 2016 at 4:13 AM - Mt Willard: Lmao I might just buy it for myself and idk what I'm doing next season honestly

... kiffkelley - Keith Kelley - #comedian #comedy #standupcomedy #comedywriter #jokes #

... and filled with fruity pebbles cheesecake. The top is adorned with lucky charms marshmallows and Froot loop flavored whipped cream! I call it “cereal ...

The ...

Currently on day two of the #5dpt and I'm doing well! Looking

Great sub pay btw by NuclearTheology in r/ShitpostXIV

My artistic style seems to be heavily influenced by... homestarrunner. It's not my fault. My favorite liberal, John Holbo, never returns my e-mails.

5 Signs For The Crazy Chicken Lady In Your Life

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I decided to go for it after not buying a cookie for a couple weeks, and they're trying to lure me back..(i.redd.it)

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Am born in Nov

With Netflix's current system... all I can do is give all these shows/movies 5 stars. There's no opportunity cost involved so there's a huge communication ...

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Yep, it's shit.

hope it isn't positive.

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The Comedy Store


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Lincoln Nebraska State Journal newspaper archives

New Not Joanna Eggs Episode! This week, Robbie and I review Howl's Moving Castle


It's another kind of shit.

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While skimming over it I imagined Sumner encouraging readers to boycott the Fed. I really enjoyed the image so here I am sharing it with you!

Am a Teen


Name-calling aside, this is a troubling issue for local residents. I also live on the 21st floor of the Glass House and I have a balcony that ...

5 Things, Keep Calm, Relax, Stay Calm

It's another kind of shit.

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Rae-A <

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Sam getting a chicken burger from the street ladies


TICKET WARNING - Early bird tickets will be off sale tomorrow at 6pm. This is

... 2018. download future energy not ...

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ChosenMii 1 2 Kanna Day T Shirt Reviews by ChosenMii

This cafe looks like it's fully stocked and ready for #threethirtyitis ☕ how gorgeous

See. . . believe it or not, there actually are Brits that do own arms. Many Brits have entire coats of arms.

Users , losers, abusers. Later skaters ..... #letitgo #

mizzy thrill

German anti-aircraft artillery crew pose with their 88mm gun circa 1941 [1000x670] ...

... the help of input from colleagues), I am finally back to finishing up chapter five of Manifest Destiny 2.0. Do you know what that means?

Q Search Twitter 0 Log in Sign up @dog rates This is Smiley. He

Here we go again! Initial scan looked great.. 2 hurdles down: no

I would like to add another 5-10 hens to my flock and maybe another rooster.

... pic.twitter.com/NYLfrxGkBs” Uh Oh! This is not good at all #Jimmy #Fiona

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... (i.redd.it)

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After many beers I finally have the courage to join the giggling 3 English kids in the corner. They happily let me join their party and for the rest of the ...

The 3 Week Diet Loss Weight Plan - Low carb diet for diabetes - No Carb Low Carb Gluten free lose Weight Desserts Snacks Smoothies Breakfast Dinner.

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Share this post & Tag a friend who wants to get in shape! 💪🏼 - ❗What you MUST know:✓ - 1️⃣This meal plan is NOT ...

I'm sure we have all felt this from time to time. But this

[Mud & Blood 2] Mugrubers guides discussion on Kongregate


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