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Does your dog eat too fast Do you want another option for mental

Does your dog eat too fast Do you want another option for mental


Northmate Green Slow Interactive Feeder

Story at-a-glance -. Most dogs are motivated by food, which is one of the reasons many canine companions eat very fast ...

How Do You Get Your Dog To Stop Eating Rocks?

Dog vomiting

Dog won't eat

However, while rawhide remains one of the most popular options for chews, these treats can be dangerous, even life-threatening, to your dog.

Sad dog

Woman cradling dog

How to Prevent Your Dog From Escaping the Yard

A cute, small puppy peeks out from an oversized dog bed

Common Dog Behavior Issues

Close-up of a Pug laying on a black leather chair giving sad puppy eyes

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – Could your Dog Benefit Using One?

Sarah A. writes — I just got a new puppy, and would love your advice! I'd love to teach my puppy to stop eating everything. She seems to want to eat every ...

How to Know if Your Dog is Depressed... And What to Do About It

healthy dog food

domestic dog eating from his bowl.indoor

Here's What People Get Wrong about Dogs and Bones

Become A Walker. Amputation in Dogs

Can service dogs help with anxiety?

How to Slow Down a Cat Who Is Eating Too Fast

Why Do Dogs Eat Cardboard?

Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Are You Accidentally Crushing Your Dog's Spirit?

Puppy Separation Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Why Do Some Dogs Eat Feces? And Is It Harmful?

Carrots: Can Eat

Pica explained: Why dogs eat things that aren't food, and what you can do to stop them

Sploot 101: 12 Animal Slang Words Every Pet Parent Should Know

Does your puppy seem to eat everything – grass, dirt, sticks, rocks?

dog pet canine eat grass human animal bond illness sick stomach upset

Signs of Mental Illness in Canines

Dog Adoption by the Numbers

... the same difficult-to-treat psychiatric and neurological diseases we do. Beskow, in fine spirits. Elinor Karlsson, CC BY-ND

Service dog for anxiety

You adore your dog. After all, your four-legged friend is a member of your family. We understand, our dogs are very much our family members as well.

Does your pooch really need Prozac?

Types of aggression. Aggression in dogs is ...

8 ways to make your pet less lonely

A pet's death can hurt more than losing a fellow human

Dog Articles

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Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl stainless

Service Dog Training 101—Everything You Need to Know

You and your dog do everything together — from enjoying long walks on sunny days and playing in the park to curling up together on the couch when the ...

Common Dog Behavior Issues

why-do-dogs-eat-grass Veterinarians will tell you ...

5 Signs Your Dog Is Getting Too Much Exercise

Phantom pregnancy in dogs is a condition which is a tiresome one for the owner as well as the dog. Bitches who suffer from this can often go on to ...

Dog handler Kellie Fitzgerald poses with her English Springer Spaniel 'James' after winning Best

Eating Slower Noodles

hot spots on dogs

Sometimes, dogs get impatient with our mixed signals. Don't you want to do better? (Photo: Hannamariah/Shutterstock)

Our dogs often do things that we struggle to understand. One of those things is eating grass. While we may feed our dogs a perfectly well-balanced diet and ...

What Happens If You Don't Walk Your Dog? No Pet Should Be Left Alone For Too Long

Your Dog's Primal Need to Be Walked

Image: Mug shots of a disheveled dog. You may be an accessory to ...

It's likely no one warned you how hard it is to be a dog owner sometimes.

Illustration of shadow of man and his dog walking away representing the experience of putting down

Pets do weird things — sniff butts, chase their tails, knead you like bread, and bathe you. However, the weirdest and most disgusting behavior you encounter ...

Neutering Your Dog

9 tips to stop pets from destroying your nice stuff

Is Your Dog Vomiting? Dog Vomiting Guide

Depression - What you need to know cover image

Frosty winter weather can limit the time that pet parents and their dogs spend outdoors, but your dog still needs stimulation to relax and burn off energy.

Introduce them to new people and places, although your pet can't go for walks outdoors you can find some pet friendly stores to take your dog into for ...

Table of Contents. Pet Adoption for Seniors; Top 6 Reasons Seniors Should ...

The Best Dog and Cat Cones

Urinary Tract Infection in Dogs

Prednisone For Dogs: A Word Of Caution — Innovet Pet Products I Best Hemp Products for Pets

Anorexia is a decrease or loss of appetite for food. While hunger is a physically driven, appetite is mentally driven. There are two types of anorexia: true ...

Story at-a-glance -. A question every loving dog parent should ...

exercising your dog

Dog eating bone on floor

best dog water bowls for sloppy drinkers. Is your ...

Signs Your Dog is Pregnant

How to Help Your Dog Adjust to Apartment Living

Top 10 tips for itchy dogs. While we are ...

How to look after your mental health using exercise

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An emotional support animal is just a mouse click away

However, this list is only as good as the ingredients used. For example, if you purchase canned dog food with corn or soy in it, but purchase a dry dog food ...

What to Do About Your Dog's ...

We often expect our pups to come even when they know there's no incentive to do so. Instead, ensure that “come” works every time by rewarding your dog with ...

dog opening mouth to take a pill and title your dog won't take pills