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DIY Decorative Bee Waterer Homesteading with Bees and More

DIY Decorative Bee Waterer Homesteading with Bees and More


DIY Decorative Bee Waterer - Make your own bee watering station for honey bees and other

Beekeepers may need to provide water for honey bees. Bees need water to cool the

Mason Jar Beekeeping Step-by-Step Guide

How to set up a bee yard or apiary that is easy to use. Hive


Homesteading How To DIY. bees build on honeycomb pattern 2

Honey bees do not live for a very long time. During the Summer season, adult workers only life about 6 weeks. As adults die, new adults must be available to ...

Best Tips For Keeping Honey Bees

Bees Collect Water Constantly

Picture of Set It Outside

Bee watering station. I think that everyone should have something like this, we have

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A tray of bees

Being a lover of all plants (except maybe Kudzu), I have several water lilies in my gardens. Each bloom is so beautiful and the honey bees do visit the ...

Pin by The Homestead Survival on * Homestead Survival 2 | Bee, Bee art, Bee keeping

3lbs of bees added to the hive

honey bees

Bee on flower

It is a large part of our homestead. Not only are bees great for pollination, health benefits, and honey, but they are also a great way to make money to ...


Honey bees. animals homesteaders raise

How Hops Can Help Save the Bees from Colony Collapse Disorder

How to Attract Bees to your Garden

DIY bee watering station

Small Homesteading Farm | Self Reliant Homesteading 2019 Goals | Rocky Hedge Farm

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Each bee colony has a distinctive scent that allows members to recognize each other. Guard bees at the entrance of the hive can recognize intruders and ...

How To Attract Honey Bees To Your Organic Garden

How to Package, Store, and Sell Honey, plus Creative & Inexpensive Honey Labels

Millenium Allium With Bees

The Buzz on Bees

Beekeeping Build Observation Beehive For Viewing Bees

The Best Prepper Homestead Survival Kit #1 – Water from Becky's Homestead on RadioPublic

A Smidgeon of Homesteading

Bee on a flower

Beekeeping Doesn't Have to be Scary

... WildlifeTagged agriculture, apiary, bee keeper, bee keeping, bees, climate change, DIY, farmers, farming, gardening, homesteading, honey, honey bees, ...

Bees, bees, bees! Whether it's honey bees, bumblebees, mason bees or other native bees, we need our bees. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has taken a ...

How are my honeybees doing this year? Click here to see the 7 lessons I

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Bee Waterer

A beehive with 8 trays

How to render beeswax from honeycomb with picture of honeycomb being placed inside cheesecloth then placed

Easy steps to take to preserve the future of food...but you gotta

Bees Water Drinking Station for Garden Project – The Homestead Survival

Beckon Pollinators to Your Backyard With a Bee-neficial Container Garden

honey bees in late spring


Homestead Farming | Beekeeping | Raised Garden Beds | Garden Shed | Rocky Hedge Farm

Bees in Your Pool: What to Do

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Make A Mason Bee House

You don't have to be a beekeeper to help bees and other insects. Providing a clean source of water for honey bees, butterflies and other bees is easy to do.

Supplies for a bee waterer

They're Important

How to Install a Nuc in a Hive



Gifts for Homesteaders & Backyard Farmers


First Aid & Health Aid for Homesteaders (and Everyone) - Whole-Fed Homestead

Native Bees

Courtesy of Albuquerque Museum

The Bees Body bees

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Our bees have successfully made it through a very long and harshly cold winter yet again! The good news is that we will have some honey sooner than last ...

mason bee

bee hives

Backyard Bread and Pizza Oven, DIY Homestead and The Bee Friendly Garden

homemade fly trap

Everything You Need to Start a Backyard Beehive. The world honey bee ...

DIY Bird bath using a cement trough and heavy duty tray.


OUr New Homesteading or Backyard Food Production Course

We did spray sugar water as we opened the boxes. This makes it harder for


Bumblebee on sunflower

Honeybees Make A Home At The Homestead

Make sure you check your local laws before setting up a water collection system to make sure you are complying with the proper laws.

Beekeeper in a bee suit working on extracting honey from a hive

Picture of Place Feeder on Hive and Fill With Syrup.

My Honey Bee Farming Project Year One

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a green garden with a rain barrel

DIY bee watering station