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Crowley sold his soul for a 3 inches below the belt Supernatural

Crowley sold his soul for a 3 inches below the belt Supernatural


Just for a couple of inches below the belt. Hope it was worth it! ;P # Crowley

Crowley with his research on the Winchesters.



Crowley sold his soul for a 3 inches below the belt | Supernatural | Pinterest | Crowley, Supernatural and Mark sheppard.

Breaking Bobby's Deal

Supernatural 10x22 The Prisoner // Sam and Crowley "Thank you, Sam. for

"Supernatural" and the Number 1 Villain – Malice Corp

Crowley possessing Linda Tran.

Before Demon Love (Fergus Macleod(Crowley)(Supernatural) Fanfic)

Crowley with the Colt.

9x21 King Of The Damned [gifset] - "My soul did a stint in

Pyrokinesis – Crowley can create and manipulate fire. Conjured a blazing fire in the fireplace in “The Devil You Know.” Also can use conjured flames to burn ...

Crowley possessing the body of André Develin.

Crowley and his mother, Rowena.

GavinMacLeod.jpg Gavin2.0.jpg

Crowley arrives in Scotland.

Crowley wearing the Trident insignia in 6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much.


10 Great Moments from Supernatural Season 9, Episode 21 | “King of the Damned”


Crowley sold his soul for a 3 inches below the belt | Supernatural | Pinterest | Crowley, Supernatural and Mark sheppard.

Crowley and Bobby "sealing the deal."

Crowley faces off with Bobby Singer.

Lucifer stands over Crowley's dead body in Apocalypse World.

Supernatural Sold Soul To Crowley T-Shirt, BLACK, hi-res

Papa Crowley Dean Winchester, Winchester Brothers, Misha Collins, Harry Potter, Supernatural Tv

Crowley speaking to Dean's corpse.

Fergus Roderick MacLeod was born in 1661 in the Kingdom of Scotland, the son of a powerful witch and Grand Coven member Rowena. Fergus never knew his father ...

Dean: "You hear that Crowley? That's me flicking my Bic for you." Ha! Haven't heard that since the 80's. Bobby sets the terms - "Your bones for my soul.

Crowley reveals his new ally, Raphael, and gives Castiel the same options Cas gave him before: flee or die (in a mocking tone). Castiel tosses him the jar ...

Fast forward a year - In Kenosha, Wisconsin, Dean's hand is inside a dead guy's innards while children play nearby. Not good. He shows Sam a claw and calls ...

[gifset] 10x09 The Things We Left Behind #SPN #Crowley #Rowena Supernatural

In "Caged Heat", the facility where Crowley has been hiding and torturing the Alpha creatures is discovered by the Winchesters through Samuel.

Supernatural Castiel Standee

Crowley about to close a deal.

'Supernatural' 14×18 review: “Absence”

7.22 There Will Be Blood. "

One year ago, Bobby had the oldest TV to still get a signal (that's Jensen Ackles' dad's voice on the broadcast) and summoned Crowley.

SPN 0859

Lucky for her, the doorbell rings and I'm reminded of A Very Supernatural Christmas when it saved Dean and Sam. I don't think it will work today.

A Dance of Purposeful Chaos. Crowley SupernaturalSupernatural ...



... bit tailor that sold his soul for an extra three inches below the belt.†Crowley boasts he was trying to hit double digits. Gee, glad that worked out.

Unlike other demons, Crowley's incorporeal form is red instead of black.

Immediately after Dick Roman's demise and the subsequent disappearances of Castiel and Dean (who are transported toPurgatory), Crowley appears to Sam ...

Ghost Gavin appears and Crowley responds in a soft voice I've never heard him use. Crowley concerned about someone other than himself? Really?

Castiel tries to kill Crowley, but cannot.

Crowley meets Dick Roman for the first time.

'Supernatural' Season 14 Finale brings back some familiar faces



The man is, initially, very confused by Crowley's appearance since his previous demonic negotiations were with ...

Crowley appears before Castiel, and complains about having to clean up Castiel's messes. Crowley is revealed to be Castiel's partner in crime.

Bobby's had enough too. I've heard that voice from my parents. The one that says you've pushed too far and he's laying down the law.

Supernatural Dean Winchester Standee

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Castiel finds Crowley

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Supernatural || Bobby & Crowley. Pheebs4Cole

A voice yells from the basement where a pretty demon is tied up. "Hey there cranky. You were gone so long, I just assumed alcoholic coma." Ha! I like her.

Gerd Ziegler, Tarot, Mirror of the Soul, Handbook, Aleister Crowley, Card Deck, Tarot Cards, Vintage Tarot

We stop the Bobby saga (and his chance to eat the cobbler) for a little Winchester comic relief. The silver knife plan led to a dead priest and Sam thrown ...

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Supernatural Crowley Q-Pals Plush

Crowley offers to Castiel an advance loan of 50,000 souls from Hell in exchange for half the souls in Purgatory.

In "Weekend At Bobby's", Bobby summons Crowley so that he can give him back his soul as he had given it to him in the previous season in exchange for his ...

He's already on his way to get it. Rufus exposits hostage exchange - son for Bobby's soul, but Bobby's vague on the details. Rufus sounds genuinely worried ...

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He is summoned by the Winchesters in There Will Be Blood, and tells them that he will provide his blood, but only after they have the other 3 items.

We montage Bobby's information search to the tune of The Gambler. Perfect! No luck in his books so he heads to the Sioux Falls University Library, ...

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The Official Supernatural: “Don't Go in the Woods” (14.16) Live Recap Thread

Our friends (and distributors) at the Secretly Group are assembling a durational 100-track compilation to benefit a variety of worthy organizations involved ...


In "Let It Bleed", Crowley makes his move and kidnaps Lisa Braeden and his Ben. Crowley talks on the phone with Dean. He tell Dean that Lisa and Ben will be ...

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Supernatural "I sold my soul to Crowley" shirt

Castiel in the streets, Crowley in the sheets, T-shirt or Tank Top, Men, Women, Ladies, Supernatural, Fandom, Winchesters, Sold my soul

Magda is both a mirror for Sam, as a kid with special, supernatural powers (just as Max Miller mirrored Sam in 1x14 Nightmare) and for Dean (another layer ...

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spnhiatuscreations | wk11


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Crowley's spirit and host burn.


Crowley // The King of Hell . I couldn't decide which one I

Might be fun." Marcy: "I don't think so." Bobby: "Story of my life." Aw, Bobby, I feel bad finding fun in the miseries of your life. But it was funny.

You sighed as you gently lowered your brush, taking in the beauty of the piece you had just finished. The scene was of an ancient castle, laying in partial ...