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Cap Washington Terre Victoria Antarctique GLAD Antarctica

Cap Washington Terre Victoria Antarctique GLAD Antarctica


A bright, brilliant blue glows from within an Antarctic iceberg

My future career. :-) :-) Snow ...

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Port Lockroy Antarctica, Mount Everest, Cruise, Cruises

Spectacular Places: Wall of Frozen Ice, Antarctica | Amazing | Sea ice, Antarctica, Ross island

Ice Cap Climate Zone Ice cover is growing at both

Captured on our recent journey to Antarctica on an expedition cruise. For more photos and

Snow Mountain, North South, Mammals, Reptiles, Antarctica, Border Collie, Oceans

Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf, World's Largest, is Melting in a Way Not Seen Before

Antarctic Explorer

Antártida #antartida #pingüinos #lugares #paisajes Winter Scenery, Antarctica, Marine Reserves

'Turkey will be among 30 countries to have a scientific base in Antarctica' –

Image of the Day

Te research team found evidence confirming the stability of the East Antarctic ice sheet at an

Ancient structure discovered under the ice of East and West Antarctica may affect future melting | Daily Mail Online


... antarctica (c) kjones crossing paths in commonwealth bay ...

New Zealand sets sights on Antarctica as concern grows over China's expanding influence

... direction of Cape Horn. With Selma freshwater (again) greet: Peter, Jacek, Leon, Kris, Luby, Tom, Arthur, Damian, Wifi, Dusan and Chris.”

... heritage expeditions polar zodiac cruising ...

Roughly 15 million years ago, when Earth's atmosphere was supercharged with carbon dioxide, oceans warmed and sea ice around Antarctica disappeared, ...

Icebergs with Austfonna Glacier on the background. Austfonna Ice Cap, Nordaustlandet Island, Svalbard (Spitsbergen) Archipelago, Norway - Ar..

... antarctica (c) kwells b9b iceberg

Antartica! I have been a penguin lover my entire life! This looks awesome!


The eleven of us sat still for several moments appreciating the wonder of Antarctica.

In the real world, Antarctic ice is growing at a ferocious rate, hitting a new record extent every other year. But on planet Green, Antarctic ice is melting ...

... s blanc whale spouts antarctica0 s blanc antarctica ...

Day 10: Terra Nova Bay

Figure 3. The rift in the Larsen C ice shelf photographed from NASA's DC-8 research aircraft on November 10, 2016. The rift is about 0.2 miles wide and 0.3 ...

“This winter travel is a new and bold venture,” Scott wrote as his. “

Team members taking a short ice core to study properties of sediment coming from the East

Baie de l'Espoir (Hope Bay / Bahía Esperanza),Détroit Antarctic (Antarctic Sound), Antarctique. Auteur et Copyright Marco Ramerini

Established in 1953 and now one of 76 Antarctic research stations maintained by 30 countries, the Argentine-managed Esperanza Base sits near the northern ...

Located at 75°53' South, 162°45'East, Starr Nunatak marking the North site of the mouth of Harbord glacier on the coast of Victoria Land, Antarctica.

Norwegian Cruise Ship at Petermann Island, with the Kiev Peninsula of Graham Land in the background

What do you do if you're a fast-growing city in the desert with lots of thirsty people and little freshwater reserves? Park an iceberg off the coast.

life in antarctica

Map of Track & Stops Antarctica Part 2

Antarctic ice shelves

... (c) kwells watching b9b iceberg ...

Scott said Mount Erebus is “always towering above us...the grand snowy peak with its smoking summit.” (Shaun O'Boyle)

Water flowing under the ice shelf is first cooled in the Ross Sea (pictured)

Four members of the Shackleton mission on the summit of Mount Erebus, British Antarctic Expedition

Iceberg tabulaire, Baie de l'Espoir (Hope Bay / Bahía Esperanza),Détroit Antarctic (Antarctic Sound), Antarctique. Auteur et Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Cape Evans “hut” stands today; it held 25 men and included a stable. (Shaun O'Boyle)

NEW RE-CAP May 29, 2015

L'Antarctique est un continent à part entière situé dans l'hémisphère Sud et


Astronauts spy coffin-shaped object bigger than Manhattan slouching toward a “graveyard” north of Antarctica

Antarctica Explorer (AMAT) Banner

Does Asteroid Crater in Ocean Explain Birth of Antarctica?

... (c) kjones adelies and b9b iceberg ...

Figure 2. Sea ice extent on Thursday, March 2, 2017 (white area) compared to the average extent for this date in the period 1981-2010.

In a corner of the rock shelter Wilson and the others made at Cape Crozier is a box of penguin skins, canvas and wool they left behind. (Shaun O'Boyle)

Final Report of the Thirty-sixth Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting - Volume II

Trailer Continent 7 Antarctica-0

Ski tracks crossing East Antarctica. The Antarctic polar plateau is a desolate, high-altitude windswept expanse that a few explorers and adventurers have ...

Edgeworth David, the leader of the South Magnetic Pole Party named 'Cape Roberts' upon Antarctica after William Charles Roberts during the expedition.

Final Report of the Thirty-sixth Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting - Volume II

With Antarctica in the background

You sure don't miss much, Barney…. other than the planet disagrees with you by producing year-on-year increasing antarctic sea ice records!

... (c) kwells pack ice in the southern ocean ...

Filming in a Place of Extremes Continent 7 Antarctica

Figure 1. Sea ice extent for the five-day period ending March 2 (right-hand end of pale blue line) is lower than at any point since satellite measurements ...

Winter Postcard from Antarctica: A Green Auroral Lightning Bolt From the Blue


Antarctica major geographical features.jpg

Ice Flows in Antarctic Sound

EB1911 Polar Regions -North Polar Regions.jpg

The West Antarctic ice sheet is a marine-based ice sheet that is mostly grounded

THE SECRET OF ANTARCTICA - Full Documentary HD (Advexon) Advexon

Taking down the latest Washington Post Antarctic scare story on 6x increased ice melt

Early morning in Paradise Harbour, Antarctica. December 2, 2015.

The British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909 led by Ernest Shackleton - October 27th 1907. The Original Contract of Service Agreement between Commander Ernest ...

Argentinian Esperanza Base on Antarctic Penninsula

Danilo Collino, did operate HF SSB from this remote site, signing IAØ/IZ1KHY/P , using a dipole and 100W. He just worked few VKs and ZLs, ...


... Ice map: Antarctic Peninsula (Tierra de San Martín)

Bernard C Day

(images credit: The Antarctic Search for Meteorites)

Periglacial processes and landforms of the Antarctic: a review of recent studies and directions | Geological Society, London, Special Publications

Ice map: Antarctic Peninsula & Weddell Sea ...

East Antarctica – In the Wake of Mawson Route Map

... norvegese/americana che sta percorrendo il plateau polare in direzione del Polo Sud geografico (Norwegian-U.S. Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica) ...

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A broader view of B-15T, from NASA's Terra Satellite. (Source: NASA Earth Observatory)

Volcano discovered smoldering under a kilometer of ice in West Antarctica

A pair of Adelie penguins are pictured at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica

Effective modern cold weather clothing took a long time to develop and the process was very painful for some of those involved. Modern Antarctic Clothing

Antarctic, Map, Latitudes of sea surface that are cooling.

Aptenodytes Antarctica, John Frederick Miller, 1796.

A view of the hut from the sea ice just offshore at Home Beach.