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Can guinea pigs live alone Guinea Pigs Behavior Guinea pigs

Can guinea pigs live alone Guinea Pigs Behavior Guinea pigs


can guinea pigs live alone

Despite their being small, each guinea pig has a distinct personality. Some are friendlier, while others prefer being on their own.

Guinea pig bonding basics

Photo by Mikerussell.

Michael Blann/Photodisc/Getty Images. Guinea pigs ...

Can guinea pigs live alone

five guinea pigs

Can you keep rabbits and guinea pigs together?

Beware of Dominance Behavior in Male Guinea Pigs

BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images. One mistake inexperienced guinea pig ...

Some guinea pigs may find comfort in having a plush animal companion in the cage. Foster looks lonely.

Butt sniffing is a large part of introduction behaviour, baths make every butt smell the same! Beginning Introductions: Put the pigs ...

can guinea pigs live alone

guinea pig begging

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Thinking about getting a guinea pig? Be sure to avoid these common pitfalls.

lonely guinea pig

Companionship for Guinea Pigs

Since they are so social, it is important to keep them in pairs or larger groups. However, some guinea pigs do best by themselves ...

Guinea pig babies

Do Guinea Pigs Get Lonely?

Jasmine and Squeekie in a friendly head raising competition

Guinea pig on white background

10 Common Guinea Pig Behaviors Explained

Introducing your dog to a guinea pig requires care and patience.

Guinea pigs from alleged hoarder

guinea pigs enjoying each others company

Rosie with her hackles up, about to mount Brie. Warning Behaviour:

Guinea Pig Eating Cucumber

Can Guinea Pigs Die of Loneliness?

Guinea pig

Can a Guinea Pig Live Alone?

They love to hide, to run, to explore and of course to gnaw. So that you can make this possible for your animals, an extensive guinea pig ...

Can Guinea Pigs Get Mites and Are They Dangerous to Pets?

guinea pig sitting on hay

So, You Want a Pet Guinea Pig?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Chirp?

Sexual cycle determines the behaviour of female guinea pigs

Bullying Behavior in Guinea Pigs

Cheeky guinea pig

People are like the guinea pigs on some vast experimental farm – archive, 1950

Caring for Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pig appreciation day: Things you need to know before buying a pet guinea pig

All About Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig

What is Guinea Pigs Popcorning

Owning a Hamster vs a Guinea Pig

Image titled Care for a Dying Guinea Pig Step 1

Guinea Pig Illness Warning Signs

Understanding Your Pet Guinea Pig: A Guide to Behavioral Patterns - Hartz

Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus)

Rolo_On Arrival_View of Back

guinea pig standing

guinea pigs vs hamsters

Normal Guinea Pig Behaviours, Warnings & When To Separate

Can Guinea Pigs Die of Loneliness?

When can Guinea Pigs go outside? Temperature, security and other care advice

Fun fact: It's actually illegal in Switzerland to only own one Guinea Pig!

Are Guinea Pigs Really Ideal Classroom Pets?

Guinea Pigs

A cute Tortie and White Guinea-Pig

Handling Rules For Newborn Guinea Pigs

Best Guinea Pig Cages


Guinea pigs are very popular pets all around the world, but not everyone is a guinea pig expert. In order to remedy this, here is some extra information ...

Chewing of Hair in Guinea Pigs

... sadness that we must official announce the passing of our little angel Indiana 🐹💔😔. Those of you who have been following us over the last week will ...

What Guinea Pigs Like to Do


How To Choose A Friend For Your Guinea Pig

Honey, I'd like to get a guinea pig

Often movement accompanies the sound they are making. As well as looking gorgeous and extremely cute, a guinea pigs behavior ...

Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images. Guinea pigs ...

Peachy finding a more lady like way to check Sweetpea :)

A lot of time, guinea pigs biting each other is a sign of dominance. But if you notice that they are getting pretty feisty and aggressive, ...

How To Keep Your Guinea Pig Entertained

guinea pig introduction 2

sick guinea pig

Learn how to care for your ferret, guinea pig or rabbit.

Do Guinea Pigs Bite

Guinea Pigs as a Child's Pet: Yay or Nay?

baby female guinea pig with cute flower

two guinea pigs As social animals, they would much rather live in that way so that it gives them much more safety together and they can talk and interact ...

Family: Caviidae American Guinea Pig, Picture of a Guinea Pig family

Guinea Pig Introductions 101: guinea_pigs ?

Best guinea pig cages

... Guinea Pig in Switzerland. BY Michele Debczak. June 29, 2017. iStock

I can't imagine how it would be if I had split these two up