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CSection Awareness Month 8 Epidural attempts All Things Baby

CSection Awareness Month 8 Epidural attempts All Things Baby


Believe me when I say I know EXACTLY how hard cesarean or c-section recovery



I think till this day no one really knows how difficult those days were for me. How many days and nights, I just starred at my baby girl and cried.

Get the facts on Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, or VBAC. See VBAC success rates


April is Cesarean Awareness Month. While it's far from the ideal birth, I think

... prepped from my 8 AM C section. Tip: if you are getting a C section, try to get the earliest slot in the day possible. You will less likely be bumped.

pregnant with twins

April is C-Section awareness month and I have partnered with Huggies to share their No Baby Unhugged initiative, aimed at helping parents maximize precious ...

The C-Section Surprise


Pain medications that sedate the mother can affect the newborn's ability to latch on and breastfeed. Drugs used for anesthesia, including epidurals, ...

24 Powerful C-Sections Scar Photos—And the Stories Behind Them. “



Controversy around the safety of a vaginal birth after C-section has recently prompted sharp declines in this delivery method.

'Gentle' C-sections are growing in popularity

... c-sections, I have to think that one day, 20 years from now, when are sitting around the table at Thanksgiving, and all of my children are smiling back ...

Emergency C-section Birth Story

Love this c- section quote If you are a c-section mommy make sure

The night of induction...everything was fine. The nurses set me up and I was ready for this process to start. The nurses were wonderful!

Figure 13.

6 Unreliable Signs That Your Baby Is Ready for Solids

What I remember about my C-Section

Noa Snir


Cesarean Awareness Month 2018 #CAM2018 Awareness Campaign, See Photo

C section birth

Risks for complications increase with every C-section, but they're still small

The morning of my c-section, I felt strangely calm. It was incredibly early, and the 30 minute drive to the hospital was a piece of cake…

San Diego Reader

twin birth story

Mother Attempts Free Birth at 45 Weeks Gestation & Baby Dies

In their last birth what was the sex of the baby?

Cesarean Awareness Month 2018 #CAM2018 Awareness Campaign, See Photo, Profile, User Profile

My Birth Story

April is Cesarean Awareness Month. While it's far from the ideal birth, I think


My c-section delivering my daughter

Mary Birch does not deny that its C-section rate is high

Look at the cutest little c-section toddler there ever was, @jenneration.

Deciding between a surgical or vaginal birth? You need to know about the risk of

8 Can ...

Rate of Caesarean sections and inductions increasing for first-time mothers

Was My Cesarean Necessary? A mom of 9 with 3 c-sections under her

The second baby flipped to breech after the first one was delivered, and it was impossible to get her out, so I ended up with the ...


Hundreds of babies are born every day, but no two birth stories are exactly the

baby sleeping

The Dark Side of Epidurals

Son1 comes home


Level of placement in surgeries performed with thoracic epidural anesthesia and analgesia.

HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method

Figure 1: Flow diagram of management of total deliveries (n = 4697) with or without labor epidural analgesia

husband waiting during c section

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Lost Mothers: Why Maternal Mortality In The US Is So High And Rising : NPR


recovering from csection surgery.JPG

Figure 1

All Things Baby · C-Section Awareness Month: 8 Epidural attempts!

Healthy Mom&Baby: Issue 21

Epidural needle engaged in midline ligament.

I Scheduled My C-Section and I Don't Feel A Tiny Bit Guilty

I know some women love their C-sections. I was not one of them. The only positive was a healthy baby, and believe me, I am well aware that is ...

Son2 with his splint for unstable hips that he wore for 10 weeks

Newborn babies: more than 1,000 of them every year weigh more than 11lbs.

recovering from a c section in hospital

Play things!

How to Use Castor Oil to Induce Labor {and Not Be Miserable}

Promoting VBACs is an effective way of reducing the overall Caesarean rate as repeat Caesareans account for a significant portion of the overall rate.”

Welcome! My name is Ashley. I am so glad that you have found my blog. I am a momma to 3, wife to quite a guy and a lover of donuts.

It wasn't until I started hearing about other woman and their birth stories that I found myself just crying...I found myself daydreaming.

Was My Cesarean Necessary? A mother 9 with 3 cesarean births under her belt explores

Epidural anesthesia

What You Should Know About VBAC ...

What Are Your Favorite Baby Names?


Cesarean Awareness Month: 6 Essentials for C-Section Recovery

Epidural administration

Baby holding globe