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Bend Over Backwards English Idiom English Idioms and Phrases

Bend Over Backwards English Idiom English Idioms and Phrases


Idiom: Bend over backwards - to try very hard to do something - Example: I keep bending over backwards to lose weight, and I've only lost five pounds!

Here are some common informal English expressions and their meanings – with examples.

#english #idioms. See more. Hey guys! Our #idiom of the day is ”Bend over backwards”,

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How does this book explain this idiom?

4 Bend over backwards To go out of one's way to do something or accomplish something

... Bend over backwards; Make one's blood boil; Make mouth water

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Bend over Backwards: check out the board I got this from for more literal language in pictures.

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idiom, to bend over backwards.

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Our #idiom of the day is ”Bend over backwards

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6 What is an idiom? Language follows rules.

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As usual we can learn from Rachel how she explains the meaning and the pronunciation of this idiom.

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"Bend your knees, please!" means that the speaker asks the listener to stay in a postition where one or both knees are on the ground.

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What are idioms? • An idiom is a combination of words that has a figurative meaning, due to its common usage. • Idioms are not literal.

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