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Batman Joker attacks Alfred Cool comics Batman Greg capullo Joker

Batman Joker attacks Alfred Cool comics Batman Greg capullo Joker


From the latest Joker's incarnation. Batman tied up. Greg Capullo.

Batman: Court of Owls Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo


Is this the goriest Joker story of all time?

Joker's Return. The first strike

The Joker's Faces of Horror in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's 'Batman'

Batman and Joker: Till Death Do Us Part

Comics Batman Joker Alfred Pennyworth Wallpaper


Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo's Run on Batman – Endgame (Review) | the m0vie blog

Batman reveals his identity to the Joker (Batman #17) ...

Cover of "Batman" #16 showing Joker in Robin's ...

The Joker

Batman #16 (Preview 1)

Robin, Joker, Patrick Gleason In Batman ...

Batman Family Marked For Death By Joker

batman endgame 3 batman endgame 4

With parting phrases like that, perhaps Joker should have been around in the 1970's.

Review: Batman Vol. 7- Endgame

Batman Vol 2 14 Textless

Batman Overload

The Joker, Batman #13, 2012

"Batman: Endgame"

Joker vs Red Skull double poison attack

Death of the Family Promo.jpeg


Naturally, Batman gets free of the trap and returns home to find that The Joker has kidnapped Alfred. The good news is that he doesn't think The Joker has ...

The Joker

Image is loading BATMAN-JOKER-039-S-BACK-IN-TOWN-13x19-


3 - Batman 40 Cover

Comic Book / Batman (Rebirth)

Batman #39: DC Stands For 'Dismemberment Comics'?

Bringing back the laughs.

Batman ...

Batman counters the bat-axe with a bat-grab and follows up with a

Cover of Dark Nights: Metal #1 (October 2017). Art by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion & FCO Plascencia

Batman could die ''literally or figuratively'', still leaving the Joker fully satisfied with the result. And Joker here already seems to be more composed ...

The final page of Batman #13 showed Joker, hammer in hand, about to attack Alfred. This raises a lot of questions. First off, if he's going after Alfred ...

The Joker's return to Gotham sends the entire Gotham City Police Department (“GCPD”) as well as the Batman Family on high alert as the murderous clown ...

... like he's a sea monster or shark. I DON'T KNOW WHY HE'S DOING IT! Seriously, there's no reason other than it looks really damn cool!


Batman #14 - Death of the Family: Funny Bones (Redemption Comics) - video dailymotion

Batman tackles Joker of a cliff. As they are free falling Joker hits Batman with a flaming rock while Batman stabs the Joker with a batarang.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth Begins with a Stunning Twist


Batman #13 courtesy DC Comics ...

... classic 'A Death of the Family' inspired a similar theme in this tale with some of the most shocking attacks on beloved characters seen in the comic.

The Trailer For DC Comics' BATMAN: LAST KNIGHT ON EARTH Is Absolutely Insane

It is a credit to Mr. Snyder and his collaborator James Tyrion IV that their skillful writing can make even the New 52 Harley Quinn from Suicide Girls.

Batman's Endgame = Obama's End-term, Part 2


CV: So that's something we may see addressed in an upcoming issue of BATMAN ETERNAL?

Amazon.com: Batman Vol. 9: Bloom (The New 52) (9781401269227): Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo: Books

"Batman" cover, with the Joker holding an ace of spades with Batman on

Death of the Family: The Dinner Scene

Overview: Batman ...



The Man Who Laughs

Batman #17 courtesy DC Comics

Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman subdued by Batman

4690081-jl-720x530_0 …

Alex Ross painted cover art for The Joker: The Greatest Stories Ever Told

DC Batman White Knight #7 Comic Book


The art team proves as strong and capable as ever, though I do find Greg Capullo's expressions on Nightwing to be somewhat inappropriate.

So I just read Batman Vol. 3: Death of the Family, which collects Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's five-part story arc in which The Joker attacks the ...

Batman and the Joker both die in a final battle in this comic …

What made this such a successful ending is how the relationship between Batman and Joker was explored. There is a sense of a symbiotic relationship between ...

"Death of the Family" shows how precious Batman's relationship with his supporting cast as well as the danger of his obsession with the Joker.

Why is the Joker's head in a lantern and how does that factor into the story? Another prevailing theory about the tale is that it's another version of the ...

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Batman Black and White

Batman Joker Death of Family

Batman #14 Joker Alfred Wayne Manor New 52

He's inviting Batman to abandon his beliefs, to come with him and embrace how The Joker sees the world. In doing so, he'll become truly transcendent and ...

Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls (The New 52): Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo: 8601420585607: Books - Amazon.ca

Batman 80: The New 52 to 'Dark Nights: Metal'


What The Lego Batman Movie Gets About Batman That the Dark and Gritty Versions Don't


... DC Comics' Batman #40! Batman_Vol_2_40_Combo