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Growing Wax Plant Hoya

Hoya carnosa, the porcelainflower or wax plant, is an Asclepiad species of flowering plant in the dogbane family Apocynaceae. It is one of the many species ...

hoya plant bloom

Thick leaves of green, rimmed with red and white, and a waxen texture from which it derives the nick-name β€œwax plant.”

The plant is very fragrant and can infuse your entire house in a beautiful lilac scent.

The distinctive flower of the Hoya Bella has a sweet aroma.

Wax plant is a beloved trailing plant belonging to the Hoya plant family. It's a classic beauty with fragrant clusters of star-shaped blooms.

Readers Share Their Wax Plant Growing Experiences

Want to learn more about growing the Hoya (Wax) plant?

Despite the fact that numerous swear Hoya plant mind is among the most effortless of every single indoor plant, we've looked after numerous Hoyas in the ...

... of hoya that are native to Eastern Asia and Australia. It is a common house plant grown for its attractive waxy foliage, and sweetly scented flowers

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Hoya Flowers Exquisite Creations

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So beautiful garden, thanks for sharing. Resteem

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With a little care and attention your plant will reward you will fragrant and attractive flowers and lots of interesting foliage.

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This Hoya species prefers bright light, but will tolerate much less. Though it will tolerate low temperatures (but not freezing),[1] the optimal temperature ...

The family of hoya plants is 200-300 different species with multiple different cultivars. Some bear gorgeous and aromatic flowers, others are vines with a ...

Hoya carnosa – Old-timer with shiny dark-green oval-pointed leaves, spreading sprays of faint pink flowers centered with a red star-crown.

And when you select a wax plant to purchase, make sure it's nice and healthy to begin with. Inspect its foliage for signs of disease or damage.

Hoya (family Asclepiadaceae) A genus of twining and root-climbing plants that have fleshy leaves and flowers which are waxy, highly fragrant, showy, ...


Hoya cv 'Mathilde' (Hoya carnosa x serpens


The floral kingdom : its history, sentiment and poetry : A dictionary of more .

Sweet-smelling hoya carnosa is one of the most popular of the hoya plant varieties, with many different cultivars available.

Hoya linearis house plant in a 12cm hanging pot. Wax plant, porcelain flower: Amazon.co.uk: Garden & Outdoors

Ophris apifera

Cynanchum carnosum (Hoya carnosa) Photo by: Giuseppe Distefano

Hoyas like lots of bright, indirect light


Instagram post by @maryonpreppy β€’ Nov 29, 2016 at 3:23pm UTC

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Ornamental shrubs of the United States (hardy, cultivated). Shrubs. BETULA .

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48567 Chelone lyonii

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Aeonium is a genus of around 35 species and many cultivars, all forming succulent rosettes on stems. A spear of yellow or white flowers forms in spring.

Angel's Trumpet. '

Aquilegia buergeriana

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Plant mail with perfume πŸ’– The gorgeous warm caramel aroma of H. heuschkeliana outgoing to

Remove the plant from it's old pot. Gently shake off any dirt that is clinging to the roots.

Blooming hoyas! Right now these two beauties have started their season - Hoya carnosa Tricolor

flowers (FOTO) Flora Flowers, Big Flowers, Amazing Flowers, My Flower,

This girl is definitely the belle of the Ball! A climbing hoya with thick,

Their wheel-like clusters of waxy or porcelain flowers with stars in their crowns, are sometimes deliciously fragrant although I think the gardenia beats it ...

The families of flowering plants. Plants; Phanerogams. Y4 FAMILIES OF FLOWERING PLANTS .


Citrus. Orange Blossom Plant

Knowledgeable staff, well tended healthy plants, help for you if you have care questions

Another hoya video today 🌸🌼 One of the lovely mindorensis hoya ~ For full video, please feel free to watch via Facebook page (ST Plant Paradise) πŸ™ .

Alpinia..... Wonderful ...

Today's hoyalicious colours brought to you by H. acuta pink πŸ’– You beauty! #

Camptosema grandiflora - Dwarf Red Jade Vine Click to see full-size image

Hoja Wayetii flowering #hoya #rareplants #exoticplants #flowers #nature # waxplant #

Hoya lanceolata 'Bella' Plant - Trellis Trained.: Amazon.co.uk: Garden & Outdoors

Arabian Jasmine

Terrariums can help to maintain temperature and humidity levels as well as adding interest to smaller plants that are yet to flower.

Ornamental shrubs of the United States (hardy, cultivated). Shrubs. NEVIUSIA .

Vintage 1970s Indoor Plant Guide Book - The Wonderful World of Indoor Plants - By Ann Bonar - Houseplant Book - Coffee Table Book - Jungalow

550 year old Japanese white pine, titled "Third Shogun", is believed to be the oldest living bonsai tree in the world.

Hoya. hoya carnosa plant ...


Bella the beauty. I love how Hoya Bella resembles fern like structures, but has

Hoya Kerrii

Hoya anulata Wax Flowers, Purple Flowers, Drought Resistant Plants, Plant Fungus, Unusual

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ZZ Plant

Unique leaf arrangement! Up to six large, light green leaves grow from one stem

Hoya carnosa - Wax Plant Click to see full-size image

Exotic Tropican Brugmansia

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The sweet, white flowers of the Carnosa, sometimes known as Milkweed.

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Frangipani, Plumeria rubra 'Pauahi Ali'i' I really wants these in my

Monstera Adansonii was my #wishlistplants top three! And my wish came true because of

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Foliage is a jade's best assett, yet jades will bloom once a year if they

Orange Jessamine

Heuchera sp., Alumroot, Coral Bells Click to see full-size image

Alchemilla vulgaris

First bloom Lovely flowers . #plantstrong #plantparenthood #flowers #hoyasweetsent #plantmom #hoya #plants #hoyabloom #hoyabella #plantsagram ...

Hoya Carnosa wax plant, exotic flowering houseplant

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Ornamental shrubs of the United States (hardy, cultivated). Shrubs. BETULA .