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August 15th in France is a National holiday honoring the Assumption

August 15th in France is a National holiday honoring the Assumption


Many Catholics believe that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was assumed to heaven.

Virgin with Child in Colmar © French Moments

A statue of Jesus' mother Mary, who is honored in Italy on Assumption Day.

Assumption Day around the world in 2019

The tradition of the Assumption

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The feast day of the Assumption ...

Painting Mary falling asleep

Celebrating Assumption Day: An Italian Tradition

The Feast of the Assumption of Mary is a time for many Catholics to commemorate Mary's assumption to heaven.

Why is the Assumption a Holy Day of Obligation?

Commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit in the form of flames to the Apostles.

The Virgin Assumed in Heaven is the patroness of the Maltese Islands

Mother Mary Procession Along The Seine, Assumption Day In France

Celebrating Mary in the month of August


Bastille Day celebrates the birth of the French Republic and marks the storming of the Bastille

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All Saints' Day is in 150 days

Celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is celebrated on the Sunday 50 days

Readings & Reflections: Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15,2017

Today is Assumption Day, a national holiday in France. In honor of Mary, here she is in Mazerolles.

Families all over the France gather together for a celebratory meal. If they are not already on vacation, they usually will turn it into a long weekend, ...

Paris Public & National Holidays

August 15 is the solemnity of the Assumption of Mary. In the United States, it is a holy day of obligation. What is the Assumption of Mary, how did it come ...

On August 15th Greeks all over the country will celebrate one of Christianity's most significant days, the Dormition of Virgin Mary (Panagia).


Louis XV by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour.jpg

Customs and Traditions of Assumption Day (August15) across Greece

Best time to go to France and wine country.

Celebrate the Assumption of Mary in Krakow at a local church | Image credit Pixabay

The celebration of the Assumption

Saturday August 15, 1953


and era long before my time. Mystical experiences such as these leave lasting imprints in our minds .

Independence Day is in 28 days

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procession winds down through narrow streets as it has continuously done for over a thousand years.

Honor and History: Cravat Regiment Celebrates Religious Holiday

Celebrates the anniversary of independence from France on 2 October 1958

Assumption of Mary, Dormition of Theotokos: Christians celebrate Jesus's mother

The Assumption is a defined dogma of the Catholic Church

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15th August The Assumption – L'Assomption. lily of the valley, celebration, holiday, Paris, France, french, Absolutely

Holidays in France – French national holidays

... but instead will meet in front of Notre Dame this afternoon as I usually do, and walk in procession through L'ile de la Cité and L'ile St. Louis, ...

Antoine-François Callet - Louis XVI, roi de France et de Navarre (1754

The Assumption has been a subject of Christian art for centuries. This painting is believed to be by Bartolome Murillo.

Jawaharlal Nehru presenting the national flag of India during a meeting of the constituent assembly on

Independence Day is in 59 days

Assumption Of Mary Assumption Of Mary Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

The Cravat Regiment today has a number of dedicated members that parade through Zagreb during warmer months of the year. They also performed this duty on ...

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Assumption Of Mary Day France Illinois Tour Of Relic Of Saint Mary Magdalene Feb 20 Mar 22

August 15 marks the Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady into heaven, a holyday of obligation. In the Eastern churches it is called the Dormition, ...

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Greece is a lively time to visit during the Assumption of Mary | Image credit Athens Urban Adventures

Abolition Day is in 4 days

Assumption Day - French National Holiday. The 15th of August ...

An August 15th Italian National Celebration • Italia Living

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Assumption Of Mary National Holiday Assumption Of Mary Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

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Around the world: Solemnity of the Assumption

When is Easter Celebrated in France?

lily of the valley, celebration, holiday, Paris, France, french, Absolutely

Photo: Davor Pongracic / CROPIX

Virgo det Josef Moroder

Assumption of Mary

Assumption. August 15. Although it's stemmed from the Christian (and particularly Catholic) tradition that this was when Mary was taken up into heaven, ...

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The Open Rooms of Mary's Heart. August 15th the Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven

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People in white on their knees in middle of cemented area with picture of Our Lady

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