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Asking God For Clarity Answers What Does God Want For Me How

Asking God For Clarity Answers What Does God Want For Me How


A Prayer for Clarity about Your God-Given Purpose - Your Daily Prayer - November 7, 2018

what does God want me to do

Image titled Write a Prayer Letter to God Step 2

A Prayer for When You Don't Understand Your Circumstances - Your Daily Prayer - November 13, 2018

Lord, I humbly ask for Your divine guidance in choosing which path I should take.

Prayer of the Unknown Soldier - Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered. I am, among all men, most richly blessed.

How to Write a Prayer Letter to God

Trusting God when you don't understand

prayers for guidance and direction

I really feel God asking me to do something that sounds too hard. Honestly, I don't want to obey. Why would He do that? How can ...

Prayers for Guidance Prayer For Change, Prayer For Success, Prayer For Today, Prayer

God Will Deal with Your Enemies


What Does God Want? by [Heiser, Michael S.]

Please guide me to the answers to the problems that have been haunting my heart.


30 Day Prayer Challenge for Your Husband

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praying for god's guidance

They asked volunteers to wear a helmet that allowed researchers to analyze brain activity while the volunteer won and lost during ...

Guidance, Clarity & Answers Prayers

God Will Give You Something to Say

What to do when you don't see results from Tithing

for a God-Chosen Life Partner

... being bombarded by thoughts that we don't want to keep popping into our minds: we can offer up those thoughts to God in prayer and ask Him to help us ...

Alisa Turner - My Prayer For You (Official Lyric Video)

Quoted by Brennan Manning in his book, Ruthless Trust. Like most people I often pray for clarity. But the Lord asks for trust.pic.twitter.com/ITA2ERbzNs

Prayer for uncertainty | a clear perspective. More like this

God has been in the business of answering prayers for healing for a long time. Use these prayers as examples, and submit your own public prayer request at ...

50 Bible Verses For Making Big Decisions

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Find Your God Given Purpose In Life

how does god speak to us today

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God, I Need an Answer

How To Wait on God | Joyce Meyer

Middays with Susie Larson. God ...

I've found it helpful to follow a logical progression for how I cover my bride with prayer. I like to start inside and work outward.

How do I know if God is calling me?

How To Make Hard Decisions | Joyce Meyer

Jesus had gathered His disciples at Caeserea Philippi and asked them, “Who do men say I am?” Popular answers were shared: one of the prophets like Elijah or ...

View Larger Image Quran, The Word of God

Every believer wants to hear from God.

Four Truths About God's Provision

Is Your Faith Real? 5 Ways to Examine Your Faith - Kenneth Copeland Ministries Blog

10 Things to Pray for your Marriage

The Hole in Our Gospel: What Does God Expect of Us? the Answer That

7 Prayers For a Struggling Relationship


Let God know that you're asking for guidance, seeking His will, and knocking on the door of heaven. Claim His promise to give to those who ask, ...

In my last post, I had you think of a time when you were at your lowest; when your doubts were overwhelming. I told you to feel the emotions of that ...

Love Is the Answer, God Is the Cure: A True Story of Abuse,

What Does God Want From Us?

Luke 11:1-28 - How does Jesus say we should pray? Prayer ...

Archangel Raphael- The Archangel of Healing

Prayer- for a clear mind

1 corinthians 10:13

When God Says “It Is Done.”

Why Does God Ask People to Worship Him-Hero-Image


The Greatest Preparation for Ministry: Understanding God's Word

Why I Write “And when they come to you and ask you why you did it, what will you say?” “I'll tell them the truth, Lord.” “And what is that, Sheri?”

trust the universe gabby bernstein card deck

7 Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something | How to Hear God's Voice - Beliefnet

8 Ways to Pray For Your Love Life (Or Lack Thereof!)

Buy your copy of Saving Truth in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy

You Don't Have to Know God's Will

Pray you both would not entertain lustful thoughts but take all thoughts captive for Christ. Ask God ...


When I ask people if they've read the Bible, the answer is usually no. Yet when I ask if they know what it says, the answer is usually yes.

How To Know Whether You're Trusting God...or Just Being Stupid - CareyNieuwhof.com

Prayer Of Strength For Service

Prayer Request: Post Your Own "Answered Prayers"

As I entered my adult life, there were a lot of changes to come my way, and each one of them seemed to bring me closer to God.

The Variable Life: Finding Clarity and Confidence in a World of Choices

6 Brilliant Books to Help You Better Understand and Explain Your Faith in God

Does God's grace give us a license to sin? Scripturally, and obviously, the answer is no. On the contrary, Romans 6:14 tells us that God's grace is the ...

How can I know if I am hearing God, hearing Satan, or hearing my own thoughts?

But what about those other, more normal times? How do you know when you're about to enter a new chapter in your life?

Prayer against the spirit of blockage and barriers

Does God REALLY Answer My Questions?

Please Stop Saying — “God Told Me”

11 ways to know if a dream is from God

I had a conversation a number of years ago with my good friend Bucky Dennis. We were taking a prayer walk together and I was wrestling with a decision; ...

Why does God allow suffering?

3 Blessings When Choosing God Over Family