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Artist penguins thin ice planet earth nature wildlife human

Artist penguins thin ice planet earth nature wildlife human


BBC wildlife documentary crew intervene to save penguins' lives

Emperor Penguins Hero

Survival of the fittest: emperor penguins with their chick.

'Our Planet' Nature Documentary Addresses The 800-Pound Gorilla — Human Impact. '

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Nature film crew breaks "no interference" rule to rescue penguins

Emperor Penguins: Good dads, but less dedicated than you may have thought

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Emperor penguins at risk of extinction, scientists warn

'Our Planet,' A Nature Documentary Where The Real Predator Is Human Impact : NPR

From Penguins to Polar Bears

On the Ice and Under It, Nature Thrives

Interview Highlights

A penguin on rocks shelters its young with its body.

The Complicated Story Behind 18,000 Dead Penguin Chicks

“The walrus scenes were the hardest things I've ever had to witness or film in my career,” said Sophie Lanfear, one of the series' directors.CreditNetflix

Photo from the BBC series Dynasties showing an adult emperor penguin hauling itself out of a

Artist, penguins, thin ice, planet earth, nature, wildlife, human behaviour

Frozen Planet: The Complete Series (David Attenborough-Narrated Version)

Planet Earth II and the bloodthirsty evolution of the nature documentary

BBC / Anton_Ivanov / Rich Carey / Neirfy / Resul Muslu / Starcea Gheorghe Silviu / Georgia Evans / Tanawat Ariya / Shutterstock / Paul Spella / The Atlantic

Wildlife of Antarctica

Earth. Earthposter.jpg

Emperor The Perfect Penguin

Are Nature Documentaries the New Scary Movies?

These adorable penguins want a rich diversity of life on Earth. And you should too. Yulia Sundukova/Barcroft Image/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Art Wolfe penguins

A dust storm blows in over a colony of Socotra cormorants.

Adelie penguin

Frozen Planet 3-Disc Complete Series Collection Blu-Ray Disc

Adelie penguin

The Antarctic has the record for the coldest documented temperature on Earth

How natural are nature documentaries?


Zaria Forman is one of the artists participating in the Global Wildlife Conservation benefit with Christie's. The funds and matching funds generated from ...

A Netflix Nature Series Says to Viewers: Don't Like What You See? Do Something About It - The New York Times

"In my picture the penguin is losing its family members as the ice suddenly broke."

Emperor penguins, Antarctica

How BBC's 'Spy in the Wild' will easily rival 'Planet Earth II': 'We got footage from inside the mouth of the female crocodile as she carried the Spy ...

Great Rift DVD cover art

Penguin Eye View

Emperor penguin Chick Dawson-Lambton Glacier, Antarctica © Fritz Pölking / WWF

Penguins: Waddle All the Way


Frozen Planet

How March of the Penguins ruined the nature documentary

Antarctica's king penguins 'could disappear' by the end of the century

Frozen Planet

Gentoo penguins

Emperor penguins species:

Watch how timelapse footage revealed the secrets of penguin huddling

This year, Adélies had to travel across more sea ice than usual to reach their feeding grounds.

A wild ...

A cameraman with a gyro-stabilized rig films a swarm of locusts in Madagascar. Despite its advanced technology, Planet Earth II feels frozen in time.

Nature documentary


How disappearing sea ice has put Arctic ecosystem under threat

One of Antarctica's Largest Emperor Penguin Colonies Has Suffered Three Years of 'Catastrophic' Breeding Failures

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Eight tourists in an inflatable rubber boat, with an ice floe in the background

Emperor penguins swimming

Adélie penguin nesting on the Antarctic Peninsula. Credit: Heather Lynch, Stony Brook University

20 fun facts about penguins

The Best Nature and Climate Change Documentaries on Netflix

From the ...

How we made Frozen Planet

Frozen Planet - The Complete Series [Blu-ray]: Amazon.co.uk: David Attenborough, Alastair Fothergill: DVD & Blu-ray

Wild Speculation: Evolution After Humans

Blue Planet II : The Prequel. BBC Earth

A View to a Kill

An illustration shows the sizes of an ancient giant penguin Kumimanu biceae and a human being

Mexico Part I

Netflix's 'Our Planet' Shows How Humans Are Killing Earth & Dragging Everyone Else To Extinction

Climate change: Polar bears and penguins 'extinct before end of century'

Ross Sea, Antarctica: Emperor penguins rocket out of the water (Photo: Paul

Emperor Penguins

BBC wildlife documentary crew intervene to save penguins' lives - DIY Photography

Adelie penguins | That is a lovely shot with the low sun behind them! #

Conservation ...

Emperor penguin The ...

Giant penguin Kumimanu biceae once reached human heights

Adelie penguins, Paulet Island, Antarctica

Adelie penguin

A wild wolf inside the ...

Chimpanzees in Dynasties

Penquins only live in the southern hemisphere.

Speaking of his return to his old stomping ground of the Highlands, Doug said: “Since I was last in Inverness two years ago, people have definitely become ...