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Allergies Holding You Back These Are The Best Hypoallergenic Pets

Allergies Holding You Back These Are The Best Hypoallergenic Pets


The Best Pets for Allergy Sufferers - Hypoallergenic Cat

A small, sweet honey of a dog, the Maltese is a popular breed that – wait for it – doesn't shed! This is awesome news for anyone with strong allergies .

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Got allergies? 15 hypoallergenic dogs and cats - Pictures - CBS News

One of the smaller hypoallergenic breeds, the Maltese weighs in at roughly around 3kg. They have silky coats that should be brushed daily.

You may love dogs, cats, and other furry critters, but their dander may not love you back. In fact, approximately 15% of the U.S. population experiences dog ...

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The Asthma Center

Looking for a new furry friend that's not a killer on allergies? Check out our picks for the 5 all-around best small hypoallergenic dogs for families.

Wondering about the best small hypoallergenic dogs for kids? Check out our list of the best little breeds that are great for kids & people with allergies!

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If you're allergic to dogs, you're not alone. But,

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Best Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoos

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Siberian Cat: This furiously fluffy breed is believed to produce either none or relatively little of the Fel D1 allergen, in comparison with other cats.

You always wanted a dog, but have problems with allergies? Fret not, for there is hope. Any one of these small hypoallergenic dogs would be perfect for you.

Allergy Shots Help with Pet Allergies

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Top 10 Allergy Fixes For Dogs

Bichon Frise: Affectionately referred to as “powder puff” dogs, bichon frises have a softer fur undercoat and a coarse, curly outer coat. They weigh ...

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Children With Pet Allergies

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Looking for a list of medium sized hypoallergenic dogs so you can find the perfect allergy

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Don't hold your breath for allergy-free cats

I have always loved animals especially cats and dogs. They are among the cutest animals on Earth. Unfortunately, my son has allergies.

How to Decrease Cat Allergies

These are the Best Small Non Shedding Dogs For Kids. They are perfect for families short on space or dealing with kids or adults with allergies.

11 Non-Shedding, Hypoallergenic Dogs For Allergic Households


The Samoyed is another large dog breed which is suitable for people with allergies. It can thrive well in an apartment but you will need to provide it with ...

Pet Allergy Myth

The Hoover Optimum Power Allergy Pets is light and easy to use

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When I was younger, I had a majorly bad allergy dealing with cats — but I loved them. In fact, I was obsessed with them.

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Have Allergies? You Can Still Have a Dog!

Pets can be your best friends, but if you have allergies or asthma, they can also be your worst enemy. Pets shed dander, a combination of dead skin cells ...

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The #1 Guide to Home Remedies for Dog Allergies

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Amazon.com : Allerpet Cat Pet Dander Remover - Ditch Allergy Shampoo & Deshedding Tools Gives Best Allergen Relief, 100% Non-Toxic & Safe for Pets, Good for ...

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What to Do If You're Allergic to Cats But You Love Them

Curly-Haired Dogs

Hypoallergenic tan and white Basenji dog outdoors facing sideways.

Ferret: Ferrets don't shed dander like other domestic animals do, which makes them a suitable option for all those who are allergic to dander specifically.

Diagnosing Dog Food Allergies

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Everything on Apoquel: The Popular Allergy Medicine for Dogs

The Shih Tzu is such a good dog. Outgoing, playful and kind, the Shih Tzu makes the ultimate breed for families, even ones with allergies. They don't shed ...

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Labradoodle - Got allergies? 15 hypoallergenic dogs and cats - Pictures - CBS News

Good news, allergy sufferers, you can still have a dog! In fact, there are probably more hypoallergenic dog breeds than most people are aware of!

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If you're allergic to dogs, you're not alone. But,

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Allergies are not caused by guinea pig hair, but by substances excreted by the animal

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Allerpet Cat Pet Dander Remover - Ditch Allergy Shampoo & Deshedding Tools Gives Best Allergen Relief

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Allergies and Adverse Effects to Medication in Dogs

Best Pets for Allergy Sufferers

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Any animal with fur can be a source, including pets sometimes called hypoallergenic or low allergy. It's most common to develop an allergy to cats, ...