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Alfred Hitchcock Aug 1963 The Digest Enthusiast Alfred

Alfred Hitchcock Aug 1963 The Digest Enthusiast Alfred


Alfred Hitchcock Aug. 1963

Alfred Hitchcock Aug. 1963 – Larque Press | The Digest Enthusiast | Pulp Modern

Alfred Hitchcock Feb. 1964

Alfred Hitchcock April 1966

Alfred Hitchcock April 1966

Alfred Hitchcock April 1962

Alfred Hitchcock Sep. 1959

Alfred Hitchcock Sep. 1959

Bernard C. Schoenfeld's second teleplay for Alfred Hitchcock Presents was "Alibi Me," which was based on a story by Therd Jefre that had first been ...

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Jul/Aug 2017

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Oct. 1972 Alfred Hitchcock, Mystery, Magazine, Movies,

In the pulps and digests of the mid-twentieth century, when a writer sold two stories that were published in the same issue, it was often the case that one ...

The Hitchcock Project-Bernard C. Schoenfeld Part One: Decoy [1.37]

The last episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour with a teleplay by James Bridges was "Power of Attorney," which aired on NBC on Monday, April 5, 1965.

Alfred Hitchcock Nov. 1959

Ray Bradbury on TV Part Eight: Alfred Hitchcock Presents/The Alfred Hitchcock Hour-Overview/Episode Guide/Rankings. "

The fourth episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour to be credited to James Bridges is "Dear Uncle George," which first aired on CBS on Friday, May 10, 1963.

James Bridges's second script for The Alfred Hitchcock Hour was "The Star Juror," which aired on CBS on Friday, March 15, 1963, It was based on a 1958 ...

When Lizzie Borden's parents were brutally murdered in their home at Fall River, Massachusetts, on August 4, 1892, the case became one of the most ...

Alfred Hitchcock June 1964

After "The Equalizer," Robert C. Dennis's next script for Alfred Hitchcock Presents was "Guest for Breakfast," which was adapted from a story by C. B. ...

After "Sylvia," James P. Cavanagh wrote the teleplay for "The Festive Season," then wrote no teleplays for season four of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Robert Bloch on TV Part Eighteen: Alfred Hitchcock Presents/The Alfred Hitchcock Hour-Overview, Episode Guide, Rankings

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The last episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour to be written by Henry Slesar (with William Fay), "Isabel" is based on The Bronze Perseus, a novel by S.B. ...

AHMM August 1958. Alfred HitchcockMystery

The Hitchcock Project-Bernard C. Schoenfeld Part Five: Vicious Circle [2.29]


By 1960 Alfred Hitchcock had developed his career beyond simply directing films, and into a commercially successful brand in its own right.

The third episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents to be adapted from a story by Roald Dahl was "Poison," which Dahl wrote in January 1950.

Alma Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Mar/Apr 2019

It seems unlikely that there is a film director more widely known than Alfred Hitchcock. Through numerous iconic feature films – primarily thrillers – he ...

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Alfred Hitchcock Aug. 1960

Universal Pictures agreed to finance The Birds under their ongoing production contract with Hitchcock, agreeing to a production budget of $3.3 million ...

'Psycho', Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1960

... The Digest Enthusiast January 2017-back-small

Jerry Lewis

Nostalgia Digest Spring 2019

Easily the most disturbing element of The Birds' production was the obsessive interest Alfred Hitchcock had in Tippi Hedren.

By time she was hired by Alfred Hitchcock she had already featured in the acclaimed drama The Children's Hour and The Twilight Zone.

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Hitchcock Essentials Collection

Film History: François Truffaut's 12-Hour Interview with Alfred Hitchcock (1962)


Fate Trading Cards


Bryce Walton's Polyoid

Clark Collis writes: The new documentary 78/52 gives a closer look at the shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 terror classic Psycho with assistance ...


Hitchcock: 'To Catch a Theif'

Shatner Meets Hitchcock Part One: Alfred Hitchcock Presents "The Glass Eye"

... was even bewildered — until he saw the locket — and then he knew he had been tricked.” – Alfred Hitchcock (Interview with Peter Bogdanovich, 1963)


Larque Press | The Digest Enthusiast | Pulp Modern

Richard Dannay

William Jennings Bryan

The Digest Enthusiast #5 Now Available

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Smith moviep.jpg. Original theatrical release poster. Directed by, Alfred Hitchcock

[PHOTO] Cary Grant: North by Northwest, 1959

Stanley Kubrick

A.A. Wyn

Mark Stevens

Larque Press CreateSpace Amazon.com Kindle The Digest Enthusiast Book 1

David Dean, Janet Hutchings, Stacy Woodson, Josh Pachter

The latest issue of EQMM's sister publication, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, features "delights, dangers, and debuts," and is heavy on the humor among ...

Vintage Photo of the Day: Alfred Hitchcock

Blu-ray Review: The Trouble with Harry


Lewis Mumford on the City: The City and the Future (1963, Ian MacNeill) - This film, (which does not focus on Philadelphia), was the final chapter of a ...

Doug Allyn, Eve Allyn

Portrait of Calder, c. 1927


[PHOTO] Hitchock's 'The Birds' 1963: Tippi Hedren with Fine Feathered Co-Star


Hitchcock's original hopes for casting The Birds was to reunited with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. With Kelly having retired from acting, however, ...

Chris A. Bolton

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (1956 Davis-Dell) Vol. 14 #7

Barry Goldwater

The Law and the Lab (1956) - This topical theatrical film demonstrated the increasing importance of science and technology in modern (1950s) police work.

The sensational pulp magazines were illustrated by many legendary artists with colorful personalities. They often competed for free-lance assignments.

Art Taylor, Dave Zeltserman

... The World of Null A (Astounding, August-October 1945). I'll revise this when I've eventually done so. Meanwhile, here is some of Rogers' artwork:

Steve Fisher

Hitchcock: 'North by Northwest'

Stacy Woodson