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After having my hair curled against my will my mother still wasnt

After having my hair curled against my will my mother still wasnt


After having my hair curled against my will, my mother still wasn't happy

I have always had really wavy hair, but after Amelia was born, my hair quickly turned into a ringlet-y, frizzy mess! Being a new mom, ...

How Having Curly Hair as an Asian Woman Made Me Question Beauty Standards. "

Thank you for those who have commented and shared their experiences to help me along the journey! Here's how I began and where I've ended up --

11 Women on the Products That Transformed Their Curls

What's your opinion of the CG Method now?

Curly hair in the Dominican Republic wasn't always accepted as “Good Hair”, and so my mother started blow drying my hair straight from a very young age.

Hair Romance - how to get your curl back

best products for curly hair

Curls Week – Why did my hair change from straight to curly?

Growing up with big, thick, and coarse hair in a generation where the “Natural Hair Movement” wasn't really a thing was challenging. I can remember my ...

These curly-haired girls love their natural texture ... and some are even

how to love your curly hair

Lindsey Brown

I just wanted to write a quick post about next day curls! If you have read my curly hair routine (if not, check it out here) you know that I ...

... will change over time. Here's my story. Hair Romance - curly hair changes and curl patterns

Curly Girl Method Wavy Hair

After Straightening My Hair For Most Of My Life, I Decided To Embrace My Chinos And This Is What I Learned

Before. “

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What Happens When You Stop Washing Your Hair For A Month? For Me, My Life Nearly Fell Apart

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Marlon James: One Day I Will Write About My Mother. "

3 Black Women With 4C Hair Share How Their Childhood Routines Influenced What They Think Of Their Hair Today

What My Curly Hair has Taught Me About Self-Love

It Took Me 3 Tries to Go Natural—These 11 Products Helped Me Do It

From Cleopatra's beaded headdress to Diana Ross's iconic afro, hair has been an emblem of power, rebellion, and pride throughout history. In our new series, ...

Black women reject racism and embrace their natural hair

You'll Also Love. Why Your Curl ...

How to maintain curly hair for kids II Curly Hair Wash Routine. Scout The City

Meghan Markle

Kate, who has a grey curly bob, is pictured sitting in a restaurant

Why You Should Just Say No to the Mom Bob Haircut

The Products (and Techniques) I Use to Make My Thin, Curly Hair Look 100

The problems with the natural hair movement


Wearing a Wig Doesn't Mean I Don't Love My Natural Hair

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These 50 Women Who Ditched Dyeing Their Hair Look So Good It May Convince You To Do The Same

My hair was (and is) stubbornly straight so these worked best when I was young. I'd wake up looking like Shirley Temple and a blonde version of my mother.

Emma Dabiri: 'In Yoruba culture, which is my paternal ancestry, women rarely leave their hair unmoulded.' Photograph: Silvana Trevale/The Guardian

7 Black Women With 4C Hair Reflect On The Journey & Joys Of Having A Beautiful, Coily Texture

Pictures of Kelsey Rickards as a child and as she is now

I'm Asian-American, And I've Learned To Embrace My Frizzy, Wavy Hair

As a little girl I was used to the six-week touch up, having my mom mix the relaxer kit in the kitchen and wash my hair out over the sink.

What to do with your gym hair.

My hair was curly as a kid 700

A.K.A “HairFerry” 539109 365278626936598 602878745 n. Have you lost control of your rebellious, wavy hair?

Christina Wolfgram / Hello Giggles. “You really should keep your hair ...

Hair Care 101 for Curly-Haired Tots

I Lost My Daughter. Even though She is Alive, I Lost Her, and I Grieve Her all the Time

Game of Thrones Star Nathalie Emmanuel on Hiding Her Curls as a Child: 'My Natural Hair Wasn't Really Allowed'

2b 2c curls routine

Gabriella 10 months following the curly girl method ...

My father had the ethnic hair but never assisted in doing my hair or sharing with my mother any ethnic hair secrets.

The star has been embracing her own natural texture — she even launched a whole

Best Anti-Frizz Products For People With Curly Hair

going natural without the big chop

Conditioner Only Washing (No Shampoo) | Crunchy Beauty Tips


Sam Rosenberg

Why I'm Finally Embracing My Triangle Hair

Notice how my straight-haired teammates still look immaculate after our game.

Stephanie copied Meg Ryan's 90s shag. Zoom. “In my ...

What my curly hair has taught me about self-love and how I found deep

6 Tips for Growing Out Your Curly Hair

Defy Damage Model Hair After

Hey White People: Please, Don't Touch My Hair

6 DIY Hair Masks For Black Hair That You Can Find Right In Your Mother's Cocina

Black Women Speak About Natural Hair Bias in the Workplace. “


7 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Isn't Growing

Top Curly Hair Bloggers Share the Best Products for Curls. Getting your hair to do ...

Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System (For Tight Curls + Coils)

Curly Girl: The Handbook: Michele Bender, Lorraine Massey, Deborah Chiel: 8580001044262: Amazon.com: Books

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Priyanka Chopra on Bad Hair Days, Vulnerability and Haircut Trauma

... my true self. finger coiling curly hair

natural hair movement. natural hair movement. The ...