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Able the disabled cat lives up to his name he can do anything

Able the disabled cat lives up to his name he can do anything


Able the disabled cat lives up to his name - he can do anything #cuteKitty

Able the disabled cat lives up to his name - he can do anything!

Puma Rescued From A Contact-Type Zoo Can't Be Released Into The Wild, Lives As A Spoiled House Cat

There's science behind your inexplicably close relationship with your cat

Determine whether the cat is a lost pet or wild

Adopt Tinsel

Brain Disorders in Cats

40K cat.jpg

Cats make wonderful emotional support animals. Emotional support cats can travel or live with their

Updated December, 2018

Cat 17954

RSPCA NSW provides lifesaving rescue and rehabilitation services to animals in need. Home What we do ...

Cat 17916

How to Express a Cat's Bladder

Cat Wheelchair

Why Goose the Cat Is a Pivotal Character in Captain Marvel. No, Really

Kitten 18324

I am reminded of this as the winter temperatures drop and my cat, Hans, now cuddles more. (Yes, even in California, it gets cold.

Cat with Two Legs Hops Like a Bunny, Doesn't Let Disability Slow Her Down

Cat 9362 (Squirrel)

Tiny grey tabby kitten in hands

Cat 17880

How Long Can You Safely Leave a Cat Alone?

If your cat insists on waking you up at 4 a.m. every day it's probably because they tricked you at some point in the past and then kept tricking you because ...

emotional support cat

Cat 17953

Vote ARL 2019 Best of DM

It took Lauren Pitt, who is visually impaired, nine months to get into work

The Russian couple first spotted Messi at the Saransk Zoo in Penza when he was just eight-months-old and decided that they had to have him.

The Best Cat Litter Boxes

Is your feline friend purring because he's happy, or could it be something else? (Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

Grumpy Cat attends a baseball game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Francisco Giants at

Cat Dark Peeking Over Wall

From Mild to Severe: The Varying Degrees of Cerebellar Hypoplasia | Life with Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats

Kitten to Cat - #BlackCatsRule

Featured Cat—Smokey

Are there any special health worries associated with deafness in cats?

Your donations are tax deductible and encrypted. You may use Mastercard, Visa or Paypal. Please say YES to saving a blind, FIV or FELV+ cat's life!

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emotional support cat

If you have ever owned an orange cat, you know they are special. Their mischievous ways and good looks are a recipe for greatness.

A New Home: Recognizing When It's Time to Give Up Your Beloved Pet

11 things you didn't know about polydactyl cats

8 deadly cat diseases

CH cats may also experience head tremors, the uncontrollable shaking of the cat's head when she's trying to focus. Again, some cats may experience mild ...

Tabby Munchkin Looking at Camera

What causes cats to fall over repeatedly?


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What I do know is while we adored Gracie, she was most definitely “not all there"

Adoption Policy: We are a life time care sanctuary, we do not adopt. All of our cats have been thrown away a minimum of 1 time. The majority have come from ...

Capture the cat and check for a microchip

Common Cat Diseases

Are not in ...


Service Animals are Working Animals for Many with Invisible Disabilities

Pick a Cat Name Your Cat Will Answer To

Like her name might imply, Muffin is a very sweet girl. She's very talkative – she'd love to sit with you while you have your coffee ...

What I do know is while we adored Gracie, she was most definitely “not all there"

Common Cat Diseases

11 signs of animal cruelty and how you can help


Hassles with public transport are a common theme …


Bucky Barnes

What does a liger look like?

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Down syndrome cat

The British Veterinary Association says the breeding of Scottish Fold cats should be banned

Most Popular Kitten Names of 2015



11 things you didn't know about polydactyl cats | MNN - Mother Nature Network

The newest member of the Cattails team, Peanut provides plenty of love and affection to the team. Peanut is a rescue from the local Cat Café. She loves ...


humans have vestigial ears.

11 signs of animal cruelty and how you can help

Most owners will say their orange cat is very social. But as we know all cats are unique, that being said some can be shy! But overall orange cats are ...

The Best Cat Litter Boxes

This doesn't mean a cat can't do many service animal type tasks. In fact, cats are far more trainable than people realize. Audra has her own techniques that ...

It's #WhiskerWednesday! Learn about Gabby, who had a rough start in life but

Cat rehoming FAQ. Thank you for your interest in ...

Leash Walk My Cat? Ask The Cat Daddy

Munchkin cat

#Disabled #cat may soon be able to walk again thanks to 3D printing -. Read it

iStock/Erin McCarthy

What Your Cat's DNA Can Tell You

The Best Cat Litter Boxes: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company

... or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. funny cat names

Fairfield Maddoc Life changing stories in ...

The ...

kittens in cage at emergency shelter in Joplin, Missouri after tornado

Clockwise from top left: Flickr user Cherrysweetdeal (https://flic.kr/p/562e4X); micklpickl (https://flic.kr/p/4dYFmY); Clancy Ratliff ...

Orange Munchkin Cat