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A young hyena cub enjoys the remains of an impala ram skull Hyenas

A young hyena cub enjoys the remains of an impala ram skull Hyenas


A young hyena cub enjoys the remains of an impala ram skull. Hyenas don't actively carry food back to a den site as it may attract unwanted predators yet it ...

A baby hyena cub looks towards the camera.

Hyenas eating impala, stolen from a leopard in Manyeleti, South Africa. # Hyena #Hyæne #Impala #Leopard #Manyeleti #KhokaMoyaCamp #AlbatrosTravel ...

Hyena Pup - Don't let anyone tell you that hyenas cannot be cute. The correct vernacular is 'cub', but I'm happy with 'pup'.

Bwana Jimmy Productions on Instagram: “How can hyenas be part of the ugly 5. Look at how cute this baby spotted hyena is. #hyena #zambia #Africa .”

SHOT greatly enjoying investigating his own pastes

Chad Cocking Photography “An incredible sighting of a female hyena dragging this scavenged impala carcass

An interesting feeding method ... Photo by @michael_rads_ #Wildgeography

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Kapama Reserve Hyena

... was in a very difficult spot in the middle of a muddy waterhole and really difficult to get to, unless you were happy to get wet and muddy.

NSH, jealous of GOAT and WMEN's cuddles

Here is AQUA nursing her newest litter of cubs, ALBA and VELA, at her natal den. Being offspring of the Pond matriarch, these cubs have a privileged ...

... the middle of a muddy ...

Baby hyena. Getty images

HEL is a Talek legend. An old matriarch, overtaken by her daughter, and now likely acting as “queen grandmother” to the new matriarch.

AQUA, the matriarch of Pond clan.

... excitement bouncing off him Vusi motioned for us to come over. It seemed we were in for a surprise that I never would have expected.

This is PCES and her daughter LSKA. PCES is a caring mother through and through, and is often seen still spending quality time with her nearly adult ...

Atacama, Epic, and Gothic. While Atacama wasn't there my last morning, she's too important to leave out.

[Image: _47201814_5_cubsandmoms_kateshaw.jpg]

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... were all smiling ear to ear, definitely satisfied with such a beautiful sighting and their perception of this poor misunderstood animal forever changed.

Leopard and hyena at waterbuck carcass

Leopard and hyena eating waterbuck together

April was an incredible month for predator sightings and we successfully found lions on 29 out of the 30 days! The two young resident male lions were still ...

Suddenly ...

Finding hyenas away from the den at night is a unique frustration. Following a group of hyenas weaving in and out of tall grass in darkness and attempting ...

We found a highly active spotted hyena den towards the end of the month. During April we saw six adults and two cubs, but from the tracks we suspected that ...

^Squirt with a chunk of insulation from the car. Young man, put that back where you found it this instant!

But Craig Packer and colleagues have found that's not the main reason the animals team up. (Anup and Manoj Shah / www.shahimages.com)

Zimu's snare dragged 3m behind him as he walked.

The sighting of the month, if not the year, at Lagoon was the discovery of a brown hyena den just five minutes from the camp. Initially the brief glances ...

A third pack of just three adults with two puppies were found on the eastern side of the Kwara reserve and were seen feeding on an impala.

We were excited to find three new cheetah in the area, a female with her sub-adult cubs. The youngsters were apt to spend time chasing each other around ...

[Image: _47201810_1_cubsandmoms_kateshaw_.jpg]

The pups are very dark and I may not have identified them as hyenas if I saw them without the mother as a reference. Very cute however!

Leopardess and cub in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Male invaders will kill a pride's cubs, and females that band together have a better chance of saving offspring. (Anup and Manoj Shah / www.shahimages.com)

Many people hate hyenas and find them ugly (mostly because of Disney movie),


With the biggest smile, I had ever seen on Vusi's face, ...

The resident male leopard was also seen stalking game and posing beautifully for photographs on branches.

A pack of five wild dogs killed a kudu calf right next to the staff village but before they could finish eating the carcass was stolen by a clan of three ...

#hyaenas medias

Dens are also the main social scene for each clan, so even hyenas that don't currently have cubs will show up to hang out with everyone else.

This is LYCO carrying one of her newest cubs, PAFU from her natal den to the Pond clan communal den. Since their arrival at the busy den LYCO has been seen ...

Leopard cub in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Right after entering the park we had excellent views of a pair of Spotted Hyenas that

Hyen8 Hyen7 Hyen1 Hyen9 Hyena ...

A coalition bristle tail stand-over onto an individual who ears back grins and carpal crawls in submission.


[Image: fig-1-original-1200x800.jpg]

Wild dogs were located in the area and guests were able to enjoy seeing them finish off an impala carcass. The general game this month was great as the ...

The Tau Pan pride of five males, two females and three cubs were seen drinking at the camp waterhole and resting at various places nearby.

New born waterbuck calf Hyena cubs

Dr. Colin Beale, University of York

We saw more lions, giraffes, kudus, and impalas. The most beautiful bird we saw was the Lilac-breasted Roller.

Liam Wisker | Inspired 4 Writers | Kudus | The Kruger National Park | Blog Editing

Zimu was left with a lovely green/yellow collar of antibiotic spray

Caring #hyaena #cub #scavenger #hunter #africa #southafrica #nature #

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Photo 3: Lion killing BRSL

What is her plan? Location: Savute, Chobe Nationalpark in Botswana. She saw

Some of our hyenas, like Frederick, I only have to look at one area and I can tell immediately who they are.

The resident Bonga pride of two adults and six cubs were found frequently, and often near to camp or the airstrip. One time we saw them trying to hunt ...

20-21 February 2016_001 ...

[Image: fig-2-original-1200x800.jpg]


This last photo captures the more classic look of a hyena on the Serengeti with its typical grasslands and sparsely scattered trees.

Back from our Easter Bush Breakaway


Liam Wisker | Inspired 4 Writers | Kudus | The Kruger National Park | Blog Editing

Dens are also the main social scene for each clan, so even hyenas that don't currently have cubs will show up to hang out with everyone else.

Leopard and hyena eating waterbuck together

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Photo 4: The bloody mouth.

safariLIVES: Episode 42

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Various cheetah individuals and families were encountered during May. The most exciting sighting involved a resident male cheetah who was located by Jackal ...

[Image: DSC_0108.JPG]

The hyaena is one animal@I always wanted to shot and I hade the pleasure

The resident pack of six wild dogs were located near Halfway Pan and we were pleased to find that the alpha male and female were mating however in an ...

The guides share information with each other on vehicle radios. Lucky for us the hyenas were still there when we arrived, and Moses told us it was uncommon ...

Camera trap footage from logging concessions in Peru and Guatemala:

Zimu healing nicely after his rescue. Photo courtesy of Katherine Steinfield.


Video: Meet Ezulwini, our gentlest giant

1997: (Left) Lion of Savuti Ntchwaidumela, “He who greets with fire.” Botswana's Savuti is renowned for its lions. Many scientists have studied them, ...

No fighting at the dinner table! Hyena cubs race to be the first to drink their mother's milk.


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Shadow and light and a cool cat. Lioness, photographed in the Luangwa valley,

The brown hyena cubs continued to be big favourites with our guests. They were mostly seen playing in the mornings. The youngsters are growing past and were ...

And then some of our hyenas look like this. This is Big Bad Wolf, one of the oldest hyenas in South. We don't actually know how old she is since she was ...

Candida Mwingira is another member of Packer's team. (Abigail Tucker)