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A postcard showing German soldiers in the streets of Aleppo during

A postcard showing German soldiers in the streets of Aleppo during


A postcard showing German soldiers in the streets of Aleppo during WWI. Circa 1910s.

The covered bazaar with opening for light in Aleppo's old city. Circa 1930s Norbert Schiller

English: Members of the Turkish Youth Defence Service marching in the Syrian town of Aleppo

The covered bazaar in Aleppo's old city. Circa 1930s Norbert Schiller Collection, Photography by

A hand colored postcard showing Grand Rue El-Azizie, Aleppo. Circa 1910s.

A postcard showing a busy Telal Street in the center of Aleppo. Circa 1910s. Norbert Schiller Collection, Phot. Chouha Frères Picture s…

Two discharged soldiers in a Berlin street selling postcards with pictures of the revolution. -

U5693/ Aleppo Baron Street Syria Vintage Postcard 1960/65s

A hand colored postcard showing Cafe & Bar Egyptien on Grand rue nouvelle, Aleppo. Circa 1910s. Norbert Schiller Collection, Photograph …

German troops during World War One in Aleppo, Ottoman Empire, date unknown. The

A hand colored postcard showing Cafe & Bar Egyptien on Grand rue nouvelle, Aleppo.

German soldiers write postcards in a trench. Date and place unknown. The photo was

A crowded interior of the Aleppo Souk. Circa 1930s Norbert Schiller Collection, photography by

Military facilities, Buildings in Turnov, 1913 postcards, Turnau, 1913, Kaserne -

U5692/ Aleppo Baron Street Syria Vintage Postcard 1960/65s

Paintings, Military use of horses, Austro-Hungarian Army, 1913 postcards, 1913

The Franciscan college in Aleppo. Circa 1910s. Norbert Schiller Collection, phot. Thevenet

A Syrian soldier demonstrates how the crucifixion stand erected and used by Isis works

A ' ...

German soldiers write postcards on their way to France, 1914 - Stock Image

The historic street of al-Khandaq, restored just before the civil war

Multiview postcards, Buildings in Bischofswerda, Military facilities of Germany, 1903, Landkreis Bautzen

Photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, shows Syrian troops march through the

Jamil's mother Leila, and sister Carla, walking in a square in Greece en route

events, First World War / WWI, military postcards, blank postcard, Germany,

Dodging Bullets with Syrian Rebels Who Love Soccer and Adolf Hitler

A general view shows the destruction and damage in Aleppo's western Minyan district on November 10

A Russian tank operating in Aleppo, Syria in 2016 (YouTube screenshot)

Shops reopen in Aleppo market – or what's left ...

Postcards from Paris & elsewhere

Qalayet al-Mawarina alley at the Christian quarter in Jdeydeh, dating back to the early 17th century

Syrian soldier spends his downtime breeding pigeons in Aleppo

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Syrian pro-government forces advance through the town of Khanasser, which is the sole

The outdoor Friday market in Aleppo. Circa 1910s Norbert Schiller Collection, Photograph by Watter

2nd world war re-enactors performing as allied soldiers rounding up German soldiers in Trowbridge

People visit the Grand Mosque of the Syrian city of Aleppo June 23, 2010. REUTERS/Khaled al-Hariri

A Free Syrian Army fighter feeds a cat bread in the old city of Aleppo,

A street in Aleppo, in French-mandate Syria. 17 July 1938.[972x1024]

A fighter from the Syrian pro-government forces mans a riffle inside a damaged house

Souqs and Khans[edit]

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Kadettenanstalt (Naumburg (Saale)), Military facilities of Germany, Postcards of schools

Stock Photo - Occupied Germany - Postcard Pack - Cartoons, featuring an American Dispatch Rider.

Syrian civil defense volunteers, known as the White Helmets, gather in a street in

THE AFGHANISTANS Sporadic gunshots echo among the ruins of a village which, though abandoned, is an objective of great import for the Romanian government.

Aleppo rppc German Officers Soldiers Home Car Syria 1916

Four historical postcards: portraits of British and Scottish soldiers and Indian cavalryman. infantry,

Rooftop al-Andalib restaurant in Aleppo, Syria.


Syrians inspect damaged buildings after airstrikes hit in Aleppo, Syria, September 24, 2016

Photo released by the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) shows Syrians who

German school of Aleppo

Villa Rose, built in 1928 during the period of the French mandate

Hamals (porters) at the dock in Scutari/Üsküdar, Istanbul. Unknown photographer and postcard, late 19th century (Source: Vazken Khatchig Davidian collection ...

Syria - ALEPPO - El Khandak Street - Publ. Missirlian.

Travel Postcard: 48 hours in Aleppo, Syria

Hanano main street, East Aleppo. After SAA liberation from Nusra Front Occupation

Russo-Japanese War, Japanese Military Types Uniform (1904) Postcard

Photo Reuters

Rebel fighters fire towards positions of regime forces in Ramussa on the southwestern edges of Syria's

WW1 French Prisoners of War Building Huts SENNELAGER BARRACKS Germany 1914 RP

Germany 1916 Josse Goossens Bahlsens Leibniz Keks Biscuit WWI Feldpost Artist PPC

Aleppo Christmas celebrations

... weapons that would have helped it to finally oust Assad's troops, whereas the latter had to concentrate on the defense of the capital city, Damascus.

Hotel al-Sharq, in the bazaar in Aleppo, Syria.

Albert Ganzenmueller - Collections Search - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Dar Basile alley in Jdeydeh, 18th century

CPA postcard Cemetery Le Cimetière de la Citadelle حلب ALEP Aleppo Syrie 2010 R

Travel Postcard: 48 hours in Damascus

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Ancient Aleppo, Al-Madina Souq

Aleppo Johnson

saudi arabia, MECCA MAKKAH, Kaaba during the Hajj (1970s) Islam Postcard (

syria, ALEP ALEPPO ﺣَﻠَﺐ , Military Hospital 1929 Chouha Freres No. 11 Postcard

UNHCR first visit to the ancient parts of the war torn city of Aleppo

The 15th Sikh Regiment arrive in Marseille, France on their way to fight the Germans during the First World War.

Vintage Postcard For Collection Syria / Damascus /Homs /Hama /Aleppo Views #359

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Entrance to the Hotel Najem Akhdar in the Russian and Armenian bazaar in Aleppo, Syria

UNHCR first visit to the ancient parts of the war torn city of Aleppo

Military facilities, Buildings in Josefov (Jaroměř), Fortress Josefov, 1910 postcards,

Reims Cathedral hit during a German shell barrage, 19 September 1914.

Syrian residents fleeing the violence in the eastern rebel-held parts of Aleppo evacuate from

The former German School of Aleppo

Syrian troops capture 5 villages in last rebel stronghold

“So called ‚rebels'“, “terrorists“, “human shields“, “victims” or “civilians,” many labels have been applied to people in Eastern Aleppo.

The US military's aid to Egypt's armed forces have implicated it in war crimes

Clock tower, street sweeper, and classic American car on Al-Maari street near

WW1 postcard sent by serving troops to families at home. - Stock Image

Khusruwiyah Mosque, Khan al-Shouneh and Carlton Citadel Hotel were all destroyed during the

Part of the original Wall at Bernauer Strasse

Germany 1917 WWI KONIA Constantinople Turkey Military Mission Cover Feldpost