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A lot of patients with cancer agree to chemotherapy not knowing its

A lot of patients with cancer agree to chemotherapy not knowing its


Since the breast cancer stamp made its first appearance in 1998, it has helped raise more than $86 million for breast cancer research, according to the US ...

Cancer professionals need to be aware quality of life is an abstract concept for many patients

James Allison with his wife and research partner, Dr Padmanee Sharma, photographed in Houston

ASCO answers; Understanding Chemotherapy

A cancer patient receives chemotherapy treatment

A woman undergoes chemotherapy

21 Chemo Side Effects Everyone Should Know About |.

11 Common Chemotherapy Side Effects, Plus How to Ease Them

Chemotherapy drip

Elizabeth Comen with a patient

Zofia Piotrowska, left, checks sores in the mouth of Diane Legg last month in Danvers, Mass. Legg is undergoing treatment for lung cancer.

A double diagnosis — cancer while poor

Here are 13 Chemo Truth everyone needs to know before agreeing to Chemo therapy.

He and other cancer experts offer dying patients the chance to try experimental immunotherapy drugs.CreditAnnie Flanagan for The New York Times

Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer ...

Laura wearing ice gloves in hospital

Chemotherapy to Treat Cancer

doctor speaking to patient

Many breast cancer patients can skip chemo, big U.S. study finds

Breast Cancer Patients Often Overtreated With Radiation Therapy : Shots - Health News : NPR

Why many cancer patients don't have answers


Share on Pinterest Immunotherapy ...

Annie Dennison said doctors offered just one option after her breast cancer diagnosis last year: six weeks of radiation treatment.

Rob Wootten stands inside the Department of Public Works building in Ardsley, N.Y. Enid B. Alvarez for STAT


Why doctors get it wrong about when you will die

A Patient's Guide to Using Cannabis for Cancer

Stefanie Joho, 27, in Penn Valley, Pa., last spring, was treated with Merck's Keytruda for advanced colon cancer. A new study shows that the immunotherapy ...

VIDEO: Woman rings chemotherapy bell after fighting breast cancer while pregnant

A nurse showing a woman a cold cap

Know What to Expect

Many breast cancer patients can skip chemo, big U.S. study finds | CBC News

worried patient and wife

Doctor gives chemo treatments to healthy patients

Chemotherapy Doesn't Work, Doctor Blows the Whistle


Proton therapy as an option for treating cancer Proton therapy is a relatively new type of radiation therapy for treating cancer. It is possible to deliver ...


How Do I Decide When to Stop Chemotherapy?

doctor reviewing xrays while on phone

As many of you know, March was Colorectal Cancer awareness month. For long-term survivors or patients like me it is a blessing and extremely hard at the ...

History of cancer chemotherapy

Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester.

Many cancer patients seek treatment with medical marijuana.

Cancer Care at HOME

Many breast cancer patients can safely skip chemotherapy, major study finds - CBS News


Bruce Mead-e, 63, right, at home with husband Chuck

What is Lupus, and Why Would Selena Gomez Get Chemo for It?

Chemo Care Package - A thoughtful way to help someone who needs a smile and making it through a difficult recovery. #chemo #carepackage #gifts #wellness

Chemotherapy alopecia

Reimagining the Possible to Survive Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

Chinese actress Xu Ting dies of cancer after opting for alternative medicine instead of chemotherapy

This Is Why Some People With Cancer Shave Their Heads Before Losing Their Hair

Doctor talks with a mature male patient

The treatments were difficult to get through at times. My hands became numb and I had very painful mouth sores that lasted throughout chemotherapy.

After Kathi Kolb was diagnosed with breast cancer, her doctor recommended seven weeks of daily radiation treatments. She persuaded him to shorten treatment ...

Immunotherapy, Jimmy Carter's new cancer treatment, explained

A nurse sets up a cooling treatment for a patient

Chemo fun

Photo by Selina Boertlein c/o SBPhotography—Getty Images/Flickr RF

Female doctor with senior male patient in office looking at computer screen

Don't tell cancer patients what they could be doing to cure themselves

Axel Pfaender

Illustration by Bianca Bagnarelli

Jill Lefferman, with her family, used cold caps during her breast cancer treatment.

radiation technology for treating cancer

For Some Breast Cancer Patients, The Chemo Decision Just Got Easier

Cancer patient Carla Thomas is a recipient of the DigniCap scalp-cooling system, which

She Thought the Stomach Cramps Were from Her Food Truck Diet. At 33, She Was Diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer.

It all started with a cough. I was sleeping less and less, and as the cough continued to get worse over the years, work became increasingly difficult.

F.D.A. Approves Second Gene-Altering Treatment for CancerF.D.A. Approves Second Gene-Altering Treatment for Cancer

11 Genuinely Helpful Gifts to Get Someone Going Through Chemotherapy

Cancer hub overview hero

Old-Style Chemo Is Still A Mainstay In The Age Of Targeted Cancer Therapy

Allison and Sharma at MD Anderson cancer hospital in Houston, January 2015

Careers at CUH

What are the Principles of Chemotherapy Singapore? Introduction Diagnosis and stages are important for determining target management.

Symptoms and early signs


Tom Maguire of Pennsylvania was diagnosed with muscle-invasive bladder cancer this year and qualified for the bladder-preservation trial.

A new cancer care dilemma: Patients want immunotherapy even when evidence is lacking