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A Green New Deal Must Prioritize Regenerative Agriculture Pale

A Green New Deal Must Prioritize Regenerative Agriculture Pale


A Green New Deal Must Prioritize Regenerative Agriculture. Regenerative farming has the potential to heal our planet by creating a massive carbon sink.

Changing a Toxic Environment and Food System: Regeneration or Degeneration?

As part of a New Food Deal, we could erase these inequities by shifting land

Berry Farmers Break Free From Big Agriculture

A coalition of groups is calling on Congress to ensure food and agriculture policies are prioritized in debates and policy moves related to the Green New ...

Green New Deal Must Transform Our Food System to Save Our Climate

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General Mills Regenerative Agriculture - Regeneration Newsroom

Getting Real About the Green New Deal

A rooftop solar project took in San Pedro at the Port of Los Angeles.

Surrounded by woods, Woven Roots farmers, Jen and Pete Salinetti and their crew, use no-till regenerative organic practices to grow a diversity ...

April readings

Regenerative Agriculture and Racing Cars?

The Regeneration Movement

Regeneration Newsroom IFIC Regenerative Agriculture Survey May 2019

Maine AFL-CIO Is First to Support a State-Level Green New Deal Bill

Student activists with the Sunrise Movement occupy Nancy Pelosi's office to demand that she and the Democrats act on climate change on November 13, 2018.

Why the Green New Deal needs a grand strategy

Union Locals Build Support for the Green New Deal's “Just Transition”

GreenNewDeal_Final_091218 1.jpg

... Green New Deal. Photo of a coal train

Alliant Energy's Cedar Ridge Wind Farm

Right: Alemany Farm in San Francisco, California provides much needed fresh food and common space to a nearby public ...

A Green New Deal: A Conversation with Vien Truong On How We Got Here and

As the graph on the left shows, the top four emitters of greenhouse gas (mainly through the burning of fossil fuel) are transportation, electric generation, ...

The Sierra Club's view is that the policies that form part of a Green New Deal must simultaneously achieve three essential goals:

The New CRP: Restoring the Nation's Depleted Farmland Through Carbon Farming

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Lineages of Regenerative Agriculture

Virtually no one has heard of ...

Watts Up With That?

California Programs Show How Farmers Are Key to Reversing Climate Change

Source: Chemical & Engineering News

Field of green rye and legume with mountains in the background and blue sky

Group letter to Congress urging Green New Deal passage

One Size Fits None A Farm Girls Search for the Promise of Regenerative Agriculture

“Green jobs are overwhelmingly popular with ...

This article by Jessica Mckenzie first appeared in The New Food Economy and the original can be seen here. The New Food Economy is a non-profit newsroom ...

The Carbon Farming Solution: A Global Toolkit of Perennial Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices for Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security F ...

The Green New Deal Can Work – Here's How

New Deal

A #GreenNewDeal...to be the most diverse coalition for Economic, Environmental, and Social Justice issues in Virginia. Thinking big with @virginia_naacp ...

Kiss the Ground Meme - Regeneration Newsroom

Beyond the Green New Deal: Eco-Socialism & De-Colonization

Urban agriculture has many benefits. Is one of them a contribution to urban sustainability?

A monk seal takes a nap on the Maui shore.


Carbon farming isn't worth it for farmers. Two blockchain companies want to change that

Green New Deal VA

Green New Deal would boost municipal bond market

The Politics of The Green New Deal: Part 1

The Black Stake in the Green New Deal

Wildly Successful Farming: Sustainability and the New Agricultural Land Ethic: Brian DeVore: 9780299318802: Amazon.com: Books

At the same time, the ancient genes of the Kazakh apple trees may hold keys to a truly regenerative agriculture. The drought tolerance, disease resistance, ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Didn't Expect Conservatives to 'Make Total Fools of Themselves' When Talking Green New Deal

Global Land Degradation, Gucci Goes Regenerative, and Why Certifications Don't Work…

A Green New Deal

The Green New Deal Isn't Just About Energy, It's Also About Controlling What Americans Eat | Watts Up With That?

The Secret to Funding a Green New Deal

The Agro-Food Complex and Climate Change: Veganism or a Green New Deal?

If Washington rejects the Green New Deal, California should step up and do it ourself


The Politics Of The Green New Deal: We Can't Pay For That


The Green New Deal

The first, and thus far only, U.S. policy initiative that addresses the severity of the crisis before us is the Green New Deal (GND), introduced as a ...

One Couple Sees a Lot More than Wine Country in Healdsburg's Prime Growing Region. “

The Regenerative Business by Carol Sanford

Five legal principles for the Green New Deal

This Perennial Land - third crops, blue earth and the road to a restorative agriculture: Lansing Shepard, Paula Westmoreland: 9780615410050: Amazon.com: ...


The Green New Deal (GND) resolution was released last week, and includes agriculture in its approach to mitigating climate change.

Justice requires a Green New Deal - Section 5

Healthy soil is a carbon sink, storing a vast amount of carbon withdrawn from the atmosphere by plants via photosynthesis.

A Green New Deal – for Mobilization

Reversing Climate Change through Regenerative Agriculture

Coastline on the island of Maui, Hawaii. This fund should prioritize ...

What the New Deal Can Teach Us About a Green New Deal

Illustration by Paige Wickers.

Why the Food and Regeneration Movement Should Support a Green New Deal

1935 cartoon by Vaughn Shoemaker in which he parodied the New Deal as a card game with alphabetical agencies

Opinion | New Diet, New Destiny? Saving the Planet Takes More Than Changing What We Eat

Chellie Pingree, an organic farmer and a leader on good food and farm policy in Congress, introduced a new policy initiative outlining five priorities on ...

Opinion | Digitization, Technology, and Farming—Who's Got the Power?

Existing and potential forests on planet earth – Image from Tom Crowther, ETH Zurich. Curated top stories in Regenerative Agriculture ...