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The Graduate 50 Years After Its Oscar Win


Companies on both sides of the Atlantic are building capsules to carry you into the stratosphere.

Deep Sea Diver Ocean

the best sunscreen


... but you can change that on a per-app basis so that they are "By App" or "Off." You can interact with them individually within the group or triage the ...

... but you can change that on a per-app basis so that they are "By App" or "Off." You can interact with them individually within the group or triage the ...

You Might Think Twice About Getting Laser Eye Surgery After You Read This Story

The 50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2015

Great Pacific garbage patch $20m cleanup fails to collect plastic

Billboard's 50 Best Albums of 2017: Critics' Picks

MASSIVE Ocean of Water Found 620 Miles Below Earth's Surface

Which Netflix original movies are worth streaming? Illustration: Gluekit

Water from the lake flowed into Hell and I can only imagine that the opaque water swung high as well! The water level rose some 2 metres in Öskjuvatn lake!

PhotoPills Drone view - Panel 6 shows the golden hour and blue hour information panel.

The great Greenland meltdown

Why You Should Always Turn on the Air Vent Above You During a Flight | Travel + Leisure

iPhone 6 plus touch disease. The gray flickering bar you can see ...

Billboard's 100 ...

Could you imagine scuba-diving just to find yourself surrounded by a school of hammerhead sharks?! I hope sharks can't sense fear because I would be a goner ...

101 small ways you can improve your city

Just a handful of the wetsuits our reporter tested this spring and summer. Owen Burke/Business Insider

revue starlight

50 best songs 2012

Water on Mars

Most plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is contained in large objects. Lebreton et al., 2018

Find your energy drainers

... can contact the Happiness Delivery team with pictures of your current shoes and get feedback about if they need replacing or not – you can find out more ...

Tucked into Sri Lanka's lush, mountainous tea country, Santani is a good place to

PhotoPills Drone view - Read the elevation of the Sun (3.44º) that gives you the desired shadow length (50 meters) on the Sun/Moon azimuth and elevation ...

Welcome to Gramophone's guide to the 50 greatest Handel recordings, which you can explore along with our similar guides to the music of Mozart, Beethoven, ...

Summer is just around the corner, so you might be thinking about getting some vacation time. If you're self-employed or a business owner, you have a golden ...


Things to do in Canada now

Acceptance rates at top colleges have declined by about half over the past decade or so, raising concern about intensifying academic competition.

How to watch Instagram Stories

The Best Rug Pads

Honestly, my biggest gripes have more to do with the camera interface than the cameras themselves. Let's say you're trying to zoom in on a subject.

Tom Brady

Do you have a cancerous mole? Take this NHS test to find out

Massive crater under Greenland's ice points to climate-altering impact in the time of humans | Science | AAAS

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Satellites and Space Stations. On clear nights you can ...

Illustration for article titled What a Habitable Planet Twice the Size of Earth Would Be Like

In the jungles of Costa Rica, where humidity routinely tops 90 percent, simply moving around outside when it's over 105 degrees Fahrenheit would be lethal.

It's the only way to save the planet

Iceland is a volcanic island and around the country, you will find some 130 volcanos. Most of them are inactive and you can visit the volcanic craters, ...

100 Greatest Props in Movie History

charles spurgeon depression

Jake just drew his take on Darth Vader. If he just copied exactly how Vader looks in the film, it would be contributing nothing to Vader's story, ...

The vertical distribution of ocean plastic in wind condition that are average for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (left) and more windy conditions (right).

Your diamond is basically worthless the minute you walk out of the store. Lots of people think they can resell their diamond ...

how to self edit

Photographs by Lucas Zarebinski for TIME

March 7, 2014 Update: We've added more albums that didn't make the cut: “The Most NYC Albums That Didn't Make Our Most NYC Albums List.”

Bridging is a term that refers to plastic that needs to be extruded between two points without any support from below. For larger bridges, you may need to ...

I Took the World's Longest Flight Twice in 4 Days and This Is What I Learned

E3 2019 will have games, lots of games. Some may just be the next best big thing, but many get swept under the rug. That doesn't seem fair as even smaller ...

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There is one more bay called Puyung but I don't think it's accessible by walking. I will investigate on visit number four to Nusa Penida.

Flowering plants, including many of the fruits and vegetables we eat, depend on insects, like bees, for pollination. Bees move from flower to flower ...

In 1904, Lever Brothers launch Vim, one of the very first scouring powders. It is the first specially formulated product of its kind to be marketed in ...

Weddell seal swims with the tag attached to relay conductivity, temperature, depth and location

how to finish writing a book

Ocean surface and floor facts about the oceans

For those in or getting out of a romantic relationship with a self-absorbed individual, the silent treatment can feel like a punishment worse than death.

Do this again, but this time set the adjustment to 50%. I like doing this twice with one set being 100% and one being 50% because I think it generates a ...

Acute subdural hematoma — In this injury, a blood vessel tears, and blood collects between the dura and the surface of the brain. This can happen when the ...


The 20 Best Rap Albums of 2017: Critics' Picks

Here are 26 of the best. See if you can decipher their meaning!

The advantage of this shot is that it doesn't matter if your subject is in motion or stationary. Nevertheless, integrate a pan or tilt for best composition ...


The search lasted for seven days and covered more than 180,000 square miles of ocean.

In the desert and in Washington DC, a war still rages to find the one place in America that no one cares about

charles spurgeon new covenant

New York is a fierce town, unrelenting, full of scowls and sidewalk shoulder bumps, an 8-million-member ruckus. Some people just can't handle it.

best photography books

We tested a range of frying pans to discover the best out there

A look at what happened in 2015 and what to watch in 2016

Thalassophobia might sound a little foolish to water babies, but when you think about it, being afraid of what you don't know is actually kind of logical!

good fly fisher

The 101 Best EDM Songs of All Time

Not all websites will have this but many that are primarily content usually have a means for you to write for them, as seen in the example below from ...

... the patch you'd struggle to find values of 0.1 kg per square kilometers. A summary of the science of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch can be found here.

These are the early warning signs of cancer you may not know about

Deep Space Nine and Voyager had their moments. But TNG was head-and-shoulders the greatest Star Trek franchise. Jean Luc Picard. Data. Worf. The holodeck.