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3 am wake up for another airport adventure for the Annual Permian

3 am wake up for another airport adventure for the Annual Permian


3 am wake up for another airport adventure for the Annual Permian Basin Landman Associations 3

Cancelled BA flights left and right, after other airlines had started to fly again

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Viatkosuchus sumini Upper Permian of Kotelnich by MaximSinitsaMist pools between trees but allows gray threads of


The airport is so large that the tram from one terminal to another takes forever and a day to get you to your destination.

August 30, 2017

The Azle News

The Permian period. Paleozoic era. Urzhum tier. The Delta of an ancient river flowing into the sea Tethys. Surroundings of Isaeva, Tatarstan, Russia.

July 12, 2017

Better Know an Energy Play: Permian Basin

I was surprised to see Jehovah's Witnesses hanging out at the airport. Who hangs out at airports these days, even if you do have to meet a monthly quota of ...

Focus on Fracking: new oil well breakeven price charts; US offshore drilling lowest on record, all 7 Utica shale oil rigs shut down.

Perhaps they sensed that I'd had my fill of religion-to-go in walking by the Braniff International Chapel, but I got out of the airport with my own ...

April 29, 2018

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Global area-averaged lower tropospheric temperature anomalies (departures from 30-year calendar monthly means, 1981-2010). The 13-month centered average is ...

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Permian Basin Bridal Associ. on Instagram: “👉Business owners, Kill two birds with one stone this year! / ❤️Dedicate a day to Harmony Home Children's ...

Dallas Economic Development Guide - 2019 by Dallas Regional Chamber Publications - issuu

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Figure ...

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... conducted by cell phone or landline from Jan. 3 to March 27. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.4 percentage points for all respondents, ...

The Graveyard Shift – Where Ocean Titans Rest

Tales of the Cold War

With the dust settled from Sine Die, the Texas Progressive Alliance is looking forward to a nice long vacation, somewhere in cool air.

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Nail 2 The second big nail has been the expansion of unconventional oil and gas production, especially shale oil and shale gas in North America.

Fuel Fix » Report: Horizontal rigs surging in Permian Basin

A Green Road Journal: Alabama Just Signed The Most Draconian Anti-Choice Bill - Secretive Hidden Sexual Assault, Pedophilia And Rape Culture Is Alive And ...

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Australian Bureau of Meteorology, prediction, Jan 2019 rainfall.

continuation of the interject:

Focus on Fracking: US oil & gas drilling at a 2 year high, but April saw another big increase in uncompleted wells

Allan Juhas

and “i experience the sensation only by entering the painting by reaching the unity of the sensing and the sensed” (35) an interject: reminds me of

On February 16-18, 2018, the Bilateral Chamber, in partnership with the National Council on US-Arab Relations, hosted the 11th Annual Model Arab League ...

Before we go on, though, I have some good news to pass on regarding writing projects associated with this blog. First of all, I'm delighted to report that ...

AUstralian Bureau of Meteorology, January rainfall, 2019. Map.

Friday, 2 March: 3pm: The suspects arrive at Gatwick airport, having flown from Moscow on Aeroflot flight SU2588. The first CCTV image shows the man we know ...

La luna es nuestra

Музична школа проводить набір учнів

What Really Happened At #3 Fukushima Reactor And Spent Fuel Pool #3? Multiple Nuclear Experts Interviewed; 3 Different Explosions, And Huge Black, ...

FILE PHOTO: A Jet Airways plane is parked as another moves to the runway at

By Charlie Stross

Partnership Insight Series: Gastech 2019 Kick-Off Reception

The Fatal Lure of Assumed Linearity


Nick Humphrey's blog can be found here: https://www.patreon.com/MeteorologistNickHumphrey

Despite not finishing the project, those 10 weeks in the Eagle Mountains left indelible memories of my desert and mountain adventures.

2018 New Updated 3 Flowers printer 3 flowers printing machine


August 27, 2017

The World's Leading LNG Conference and Exhibition

(ibid 40-41)

Fukushima is already killing people in Canada and USA! 35% increase in babies deaths.

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World Briefing August 21 - 27

End of Road 2

P&L With Paul Sweeney and Lisa Abramowicz

A second team, led by Antonietta Impagliazzo at the Crucell Vaccine Institute in Leiden, created their own experimental flu vaccine by removing the head of ...

Four acres close to the Sherman well sold for $220,000 as venture oil capitalists, entrepreneurs, and speculators tried their luck in the newly created ...

MSE Weekly Trading Report: Top 20 -2.07%, ALL -1.67%, Turnover ₮67.5 Million Shares, ₮8.8 Billion T-Bills

Brendan Murdock

Mar 11, 2019, by Kevin Crowley (Bloomberg) Royal Dutch Shell Plc is on the hunt for deals to bulk up its position in the Permian Basin, where it lags rivals ...

I also noticed where you mention 266 kb as EUR and wonder how a well that produces 2.9 kb/d can end up with an EUR of 266 kb after 60 months?

REWILD THE CHILD - Nature Deficit Disorder Is Killing Us

Smriti College Of Pharmaceutical Education is organizing a MPCST Sponsored National Seminar on Herbal Medicines: Journey from Lab Research to the Marketed ...

Luni-Solar Calendar with Feasts Days

30: Another study showed that the Hep B vaccine caused 7 negative changes in liver genes, and caused liver damage, due to the toxic heavy metal aluminum in ...

Humans recognized decades ago the threats they are now facing, yet nothing was done due to political inaction and industry malfeasance which continues to ...

... at lower right. The inset shows a brilliant faceted aquamarine that is flawless at 50X, which was gifted to my wife. Two others were faceted and set ...

24 Hours of Climate Reality: Gore-a-thon - Hour 11

in the words of Bacon “the sensation (the Figure) is the opposite of the form related to an object that it is supposed to represent (figuration)” (ibid 36).


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You have apparently not looked at the statistics for GDP and CO2 by country (see attached)

Global Ocean Heating Graph