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1960 Vespa 400 ACMA put the car into production in 1957 they

1960 Vespa 400 ACMA put the car into production in 1957 they


1960 Vespa 400. ACMA put the car into production in 1957, they closed up

... Vespa 400 Tourist 1959 (3665) | by Le Photiste

... 1960 Vespa 400 brightens everyone's day. By Mark J. McCourt from the January 2015 issue of Hemmings Sport & Exotic

1959 Vespa 400

I Bet You Thought Vespa Only Made Scooters: The Vespa 400 Car

Vespa 400

By Craig Fitzgerald from the August 2008 issue of Hemmings Motor News

1960 Vespa 400

Vespa 400

Vespa 400 The Vespa 400 is a rear-engined microcar , produced by ACMA in Fourchambault , France , from 1957 to 1961 to the designs of the Italian Piaggio ...


Hemmings Find of the Day – 1960 Vespa 400

... to design the small Vespa 400, a car with a two-stroke engine in the rear. It was launched in 1957 and Piaggio produced 30,000 units of this model.

... 1960 Vespa 400 | by hell0094

Its 394 cc two-stroke engine, its two seats, and its rather Spartan accessories made the Vespa 400 the forerunner of the utility vehicles which invaded the ...

This Vespa 400's rubber flooring, vinyl upholstery and top remain those installed at the factory. The tasteful, ultra-simple interior offers surprising room ...

1960 Vespa 400 -- The engine was rated with 12 horsepower from the factory and looks like it sould power an industrial sewing machine.


At the peak of the success of the Vespa, Piaggio decides to make an entrance into the world of the four-wheeler, still in the optic of producing an economic ...

Vespa 400 (built by ACMA, France with a license from Piaggio)

Vespa 400. #vespa #vespa400 #microcar #iwantone

Vespa 400 - Piaggio (Nizza_luca) Tags: vespa400 piaggio vespa acma

View Larger Image VESPA 70° ANNIVERSARY

The aggressive lines, the spoiler, the windshield and the digital tachometer enhanced its sporty character. At this time Piaggio had the difficult task of ...

“The Vespa 400 is a rear-engined microcar, produced by ACMA in Fourchambault. “

El pasado sábado Sitges acogió una concentración internacional de los Vespa 400 y los BMW Isetta

Vespa 400 - Piaggio (Nizza_luca) Tags: vespa400 piaggio vespa acma

1959 Vespa 400 I wouldn't mind this as my first car.

1968 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Limousine

Vespa 400 engine

Ref 55 1958 Vespa 400 Luxe

Microcar Vespa 400, produced by ACMA, 1961. - Stock Image

Piaggio Museum

Piaggio micro car named Vespa 400. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2KYt0ZP)

Concours d'LeMons

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Sophisticated as it might have been for a microcar, the Vespa 400 was in crowded territory by the time it hit the market. Vehicles like the aforementioned ...

Vespa 400 1957 foto by Roberto #vespa400

First impressions of the „Solo Vespa..quasi“ Auction at #dorotheum this

I never realized that I needed a 0.4L car before - 1961 Vespa 400 : Autos

1957 BMW Isetta at the 2006 Detroit Autorama - Stock Image

... by Corradino D'Ascanio and the 50cc is a landmark in the history of Vespa: from 1964 to the present, more than 3 million 50cc models have been produced.

Rare photo of a very early Allstate Vespa. I'd guess by looking at the cowl and centerstand that this is a '52 or '53. This one has the rare horizontal ...

831b Vespa 400 (1959) (robertknight16) Tags: vespa piaggio france vespa400 microcar. ACMA Piaggio 400 Auto ...

Here's ...

Drawer that serves as a place to put the battery on the front. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2KYt0ZP)

Vespa 400 dashboard

Vespa de 1958 Modelo 400 O conceituado construtor Italiano conhecido mundialmente pela sua scooter "Vespa

1963 Vespa Ape

When the Vespa reached its peak, Piaggio decided to enter the four-wheeled vehicle sector. The goal is also to produce vehicles that are cheap and can be ...

ACMA Vespa 400 (1957/France)

This demure coupe wore a registration sticker from 1981, indicating it hadn't been on the road in 32 years. It was complete and intact, the only known issue ...


VESPA 125 1951

1957 Vespa 400 . . . #auto #automobile#carcollector#automotivephotography#automotive


The next series of the 1949 Vespa, which is today on display in the Piaggio Museum, looked even better with the new cooling system and the renewed gearbox ...

Source : http://www.museopiaggio.it/collezionevespa/collezione_Vespa_en.html

Vespa 400. ... #vespa #vespa400 #rearengined #acma #piaggio

As early as 1952, Vespa's facility in Genoa had started building a small convertible, but the company didn't seriously pursue mass production of automobiles ...

ACMA Vespa 400 (1957-61) (andreboeni) Tags: auto classic cars

1960s, unusua looking smalll three-wheeled car' parked in a quiet city of

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Avec Vespa 400! #relax #provence #vintagecar #vespa400 #oldcars #springday

Vespa 400 .🇮🇹 #vespa #400 #1950s #vespa400 #vespacar #

It is now confirmed, Piaggio has reversed themselves and decided to put the venerable Vespa PX back into production for the 2011 model year. They are only ...

Vespa: A History Of Design1945 MP5 PaperinoTowards the end of the Second World War, Enrico Piaggio was driven to start up production by the idea of offering ...

Rear side view of Vespa 400. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2KYt0ZP)

Who knew Vespa made cars? This is 1960 Vespa 400 gets a lot of attention

VESPA 125 U 1953

ACMA (Ateliers de construction de motocycles et d'automobiles)

Page 1

After the Allied invasion of Italy, the retreating Germans moved some of the machinery to Germany and mined the ...


For Sale at Hyman Ltd | St. Louis, Missouri

... Piaggio to enable the mounting of pedals, as French law stated that pedals must be present on all two-wheeled vehicles. This particular item highly ...

Unlike its contemporaries, the odd Isetta and Messerschmitt “bubble cars,” the Vespa 400 was a conventional automobile–albeit cleverly packaged and chicly ...


Vespa 400 Tourist, 1959 (PO Fotografie) Tags: al6527 dwergauto microcar micro car

1959 Fiat Jolly - yellow white - rvl

A264 Essen catalogue 2016

1959 and 1960 Vespa 400 at the 2007 Detroit Autorama hot rod show in Detroit Michigan

Vespa 400, le cabriolet low cost pas excellence ______ #vespa #vespa400 #cabriolet

This is the best expression of the legendary Vespa 150 Gran Sport, both in terms of frame and engine. The Vespa 150 GS VS5 was produced in 1955 with the VS1 ...

... 1960 ACMA (VESPA) 400 Châssis n°26167 Eligible au Monte Carlo ...

1959 PIAGGIO/ACMA Vespa 400

Vespa 400

Brake Pads - Malossi - Sport - Vespa PX Disc, LML

Vespa 400 au Monté Carlo Historique 2019 ! @rally_montecarlo @news_d_anciennes @motorsport_france @vintage_mecanique

Altaya/Ixo 1:25 diecast/plastic from China : 1952 Ducati Cruiser

09.05.2019 15:40 Vespa 400 #vespa #vespa400 #vespaclassic #vespaclassics

Rear side view of 1959 Vespa 400 microcar. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1f3R0m)

The Vespa was a small two-seater designed by Piaggio, but built and sold by the French company Acma. This simple little car was presented at the Paris Show ...

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