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10 Simple Strength Moves to Consistently Improve Your Running

10 Simple Strength Moves to Consistently Improve Your Running


10 Simple Strength Moves to Consistently Improve Your Running

Best Strength Moves for Runners - that you can do anywhere, click for details

Yes there are plenty of leg moves because we tend to believe that running alone is enough strength for our legs…it's not.

10 Simple Strength Moves to Consistently Improve Your Running | Running | Musculacion, Ejercicios, Entrenamiento

10 Simple Strength Moves to Consistently Improve Your Running - RunToTheFinish Strength Training For Runners,


Sometime in the future, a distance you find challenging now will feel easy. When that happens, it means you've increased your running stamina.

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3 Simple Ways to Improve Running Efficiency

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Plyometrics are a proven way to increase your vertical jump, speed and strength. Here are 10 plyometric exercises that will help any athlete get more ...

A solid 10K race is not made from a handful of good runs, but rather the sum of good, bad and sometimes ugly workouts. As you make your way through the ...

2. Body weight squats

How to Increase Running Speed in One Simple Step

If you're looking to nix back pain, improve your athletic abilities or look

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Woman stretching during run in a forest.

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Strength and agility exercises for kids

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4 Tips for Improving Your Speed and Endurance

Looking for effective bodyweight exercises? Get Runtastic Premium and the Results app – challenge yourself!

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It's no secret that running is an incredibly popular way to exercise, whether you go for a morning run, after work, or in the evening.

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Want a printer-friendly and audio version of the entire training schedule? It's FREE.

It's important to note that being able to run faster, longer depends on strength and your body's ability to handle distance. That's when leg endurance and ...

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A 10-Minute Sprint Can Change Your Life: Five Reasons Why Sprinting Is Great For You

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Finding Your Perfect Run Cadence

With the Yasso system, you run 800-meter repeats on a track in the same minutes/seconds as your hours/minutes goal time for a marathon.

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Everything You Need to Know About Running Strides

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Plank Technique

Runner's knee is preventable

By K. Aleisha Fetters ContributorMarch 25, 2016, at 10:55 a.m.

6 Hip Exercises All Runners Need to Do

Okay, we know we told you to go long and slow. But going faster just works for some runners, just as the long-and-slow approach works for others.

Runners doing strength workout

Woman stretching outdoors during workout

Woman tying running shoe

Why running slow can eventually help you run faster

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Let's face, it life is busy and training can easily go by the wayside. The difference between running for fitness and training for a 10K is that every ...

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How physical exercise makes your brain work better

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Want a printer-friendly and audio version of the entire training schedule? It's FREE.

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Strides are short, roughly 100-meter accelerations that get your legs used to moving a little faster. Even if you're not up for tempo runs or track work, ...

Get Inspired and Stay Motivated to Run

Two runners train for a marathon

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2. Use barbells first

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Why Tempo Runs Are an Absolute Must if You Want to Become a Better Runner

Rest up for race day by cutting your total mileage and intensity down. Also remove your strength-specific workouts. The running workouts during race week ...

Building muscle is your golden ticket! Tightening up your legs, arms, and stomach means you'll need to focus on strength training.

“The None to Run program truly made me a runner again. I started running when I was 17 with no guidance - not a good idea. My younger running days consisted ...

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